easy peasy breezy

I've been completely enamored with the photos Urban Outfitters has been releasing for its spring campaign. The styling is just what I needed for some warm weather inspiration. Even though its been in the mid 70s for the past two weeks in LA, early mornings have me wanting to snuggle up in oversized sweaters before heading to class... then said sweaters are quickly discarded by 11 when the sun is up and fully running.

So after my moratorium on purchasing new sweaters (the end of season sales are too tempting), these shots have got me embracing all things spring! Off the shoulder tops, strategically, tousled braids, stacks of rings, breezy dresses, and all things white are in my near future.


  1. Love these looks! Definitely perfect inspiration for the warm weather in SoCal. So tempting to still buy all those gorgeous sweaters on sale :)

  2. I'm really excited for off the shoulder tops as well...Can't wait for warmer weather around here, and this post has me CRAVING it.


  3. I saw it last week when I visited your blog - I just didn't write about it - so it's sharmtoaster now! I like the name! This campaign is so beautiful! My favorites items are the floral dress, I think it's a dress - only showing from the waist up, so it could be a tunic - and the dungarees with the green top, really cool. Every picture is flawless, I loved them! I shall buy some items, thanks for sharing these nice pictures! denisesplanet com

  4. for me those photos scream one thing and that thing is "summer!". Estonian spring is just too chilly for pieces like that and they really remind me of summer anyway :) I think it's a beautiful campaign and it's sad that we don't have UO here in Estonia.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Lovely looks!


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