Jk no birkins here, but birkENSTOCKS? Yes. Say helllloo to my new Birkenstocks, well hellloooo to my new Birkenstocks that I've worn once. Ah they bring me back to my middle school days, when I spent at least 75% of three years in such shoes. Wait, I lie, 8th grade welcomed some UGGs.

There are those who liken the unstylishness (why is this not a word??) of UGGs to Birkenstocks. Personally I don't see it. I'm all about the comeback of the Birkenstock. So thank you, Celine. (Although I think the fuzzy ones look like a nightmare/ fungus problem waiting to happen.) I can't wait to wear em with rolled up boyfriend jeans, cut offs, maxis, you name it.

While on the topic of new and favorite things, I've discovered a new and healthy snack/ dessert! Noosa!

While grocery shopping the other day I decided to buy some Noosa on a whim. What can I say, the packaging got to me. And I'm glad I did! I loooove mango lassis, and the Noosa mango tasted like a mango lassi in spoonable form (hence why there was none left to photograph.) It's a bit pricery for yogurt, or should I say yoghurt, but the taste makes it worth it. Their site includes a useful tool to locate where they sell specific flavors near you.

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