repeat offender

coat + turtleneck + socks: h&m, skirt: mango, shoes: converse

It's the return of the bitch face, in the southern Californian version of an outfit I wore multiple times while in Jersey. Switch the socks to sweater tights, converse to some boots, tack on a beanie, gloves, and an extra cardigan for warmth, and I would totally be ready to face the polar vortex. Or maybe not. 

I was talking to my mom on the phone today, and she was moaning about how it was -5 degrees outside. Apparently being overly dramatic is hereditary cause confirmed it was actually 26 degrees, which of course is still freezing. Literally.  

Irrelevant but how is the first month of 2014 already done?! Oh, how time flies. I'm almost half way to spring break!


sweater: h&m, shorts: gap, sandals: birkenstock, yankees cap, rings: brandy melville + h&m

When I first came across this outfit on pinterest, it was inspiration-at-first-sight. Integrating running shoes into everyday looks is all the rage, but I had seldom seen running shorts styled in such a way. I figured a weekend grocery store run was the perfect time to try out such an outfit, albeit a way more relaxed go at the look thanks to the baseball cap and birkenstocks. For my second attempt I think I'll stick closer to the original outfit's aesthetic with a more polished top, some heeled booties, and freshly washed hair so I can go sans cap.

sweater weather

skirt + sweater: h&m, socks: target, booties: arturo chiang, nails: orly liquid vinyl, lips: nars scarlet empress

Naturally, right after the post where I state I must get over my sweater infatuation, the temperature drops. And when I say drops, I mean it was a whopping 73 degrees. I didn't even realize how not-cold the temperature was until I checked the weather app on my phone. Just like I didn't realize I was on the brink of sleep at 9PM, and not 11 PM like I thought, until I checked the clock. Friday night, party hardy.

Side note: This was day 4 of wearing all black outfits. 

easy peasy breezy

I've been completely enamored with the photos Urban Outfitters has been releasing for its spring campaign. The styling is just what I needed for some warm weather inspiration. Even though its been in the mid 70s for the past two weeks in LA, early mornings have me wanting to snuggle up in oversized sweaters before heading to class... then said sweaters are quickly discarded by 11 when the sun is up and fully running.

So after my moratorium on purchasing new sweaters (the end of season sales are too tempting), these shots have got me embracing all things spring! Off the shoulder tops, strategically, tousled braids, stacks of rings, breezy dresses, and all things white are in my near future.


tank: nordstrom bp, jeans: gap, cardigan: american apparel, shoes: birkenstock, sunglasses: ray-ban

Sooo here is what I wore after venturing out of my apartment after 3 days. Staying true to my word from my last post, I really did wallow up indoors Saturday, Sunday, and the first half of Monday. But hunger is a strong incentive to head out. I swapped soffees for baggy jeans, grabbed a cardigan in case, although who was I kidding it was 80 degrees outside, and slid into some sandals. I have this thing about not wearing flip flops in public, so the birkenstocks have become a comfy and lazy, slip-on, go-to shoe. All topped off with hair that's messy even by my standards.

Thanks for everyone's well wishes :) My cold is almost gone! Hallelujah! 

not so hot

sweater: zara, skirt: free people, shoes: converse, cap: j. crew

Now usually when I compliment the magical abilities of hat, it's for hiding the disaster of a bad hair day. But for the past few days, it's helped me resist the urge of becoming one of those people who wear their sunglasses indoors. All because I've gotten hit with a cold. In the worst way. I'm talking stuffy nose, dry coughs, teary eyes, earaches, and general awfulness. And caps are a perfect way to attempt at hiding the evidence of that. On the bright side there's a long weekend so I can wallow up in my apartment and freely marathon 30 rock.

Side note: Due to the new LA law which bans plastic shopping bags, my collection of hoarded reusable bags will have their glory!


Jk no birkins here, but birkENSTOCKS? Yes. Say helllloo to my new Birkenstocks, well hellloooo to my new Birkenstocks that I've worn once. Ah they bring me back to my middle school days, when I spent at least 75% of three years in such shoes. Wait, I lie, 8th grade welcomed some UGGs.

There are those who liken the unstylishness (why is this not a word??) of UGGs to Birkenstocks. Personally I don't see it. I'm all about the comeback of the Birkenstock. So thank you, Celine. (Although I think the fuzzy ones look like a nightmare/ fungus problem waiting to happen.) I can't wait to wear em with rolled up boyfriend jeans, cut offs, maxis, you name it.

While on the topic of new and favorite things, I've discovered a new and healthy snack/ dessert! Noosa!

While grocery shopping the other day I decided to buy some Noosa on a whim. What can I say, the packaging got to me. And I'm glad I did! I loooove mango lassis, and the Noosa mango tasted like a mango lassi in spoonable form (hence why there was none left to photograph.) It's a bit pricery for yogurt, or should I say yoghurt, but the taste makes it worth it. Their site includes a useful tool to locate where they sell specific flavors near you.

#1 brooding champion

asos check midi skirt forever 21 chambray
midi skirt: asos, chambray top: forever 21, belt: j. crew (similar), shoes: urban outfitters (similar)

This post is brought to you by chronic bitch face's dear cousin, the brooding-so-hard-I'm-trying-out-for-an-antidepression-commercial look. Of course, it doesn't have as nice of a ring to it. I'll just blame it on the fact that when faced with a camera, my face-- it does't know what to do.

As you might have noticed, my blog is no longer Call me, Maeby! I got a new url and blogname: sharmtoaster. There were various reasons for changing the name, first and foremost being that hearing call me maybe on the radio would make me want to violently act out against the stereo system of my car. And then there was sharmtoaster. Sharmtoaster is a funny nickname my brother whipped out for me a few years ago, and it just stuck. So welcome to sharmtoaster! (...with all its kinks, as it is still in the works.)

(BT dubbs, the "shar" is from the first part of my first name, Sharmili-- just in case you were wondering how he got Sharmtoaster from Mili.)

lalaland 2014

dress: ladakh, boots: frye, jacket: h&m, bag: urban outfitters

As is evident by the fact that I'm not wearing this dress with an overcoat and sweater tights, I'm officially back in LA. Now that school has begun, the feeling of dread lurking around the pit of my stomach has eased off.

clash of colors

turtleneck: j. crew, coat: h&m, cargos: j. brand, booties: zara, hat: h&m

These pants have made a comeback in my life, in a big way. Perhaps because they're more forgiving to the weight I seemed to have gained towards the end of 2013. In fact, I'm becoming more inclined towards pants in general. What happened to my no pants, no problem motto? 

cute without the "e"

sweater: vintage from my mom's closet, skirt: h&m (similar from topshop), booties: zara, lips: nyc retro red (super, super cheap), glasses: ray-ban

Remember when I went on and on about really wanting a princess-worthy, flouncy midi skirt? Preferably in the $50 and under range. Well, if you don't, I don't blame you for not remembering the ramblings of a random girl on the internet. Naturally I was elated when I came across this skirt mid-November on the H&M site, so much that I went ahead and purchased it in both colors during their pre-Thanksgiving sale. Even with my enthusiasm, the skirts were pushed to the back of my closet for a good month and a half. Finally last week, I told myself, "screw suburbia!" and marched out, decked out in my poofy skirt.

To not half-ass the whole girly-girl look, I swiped some of this super cheap, yet super moisturizing lipstick. I forgot my makeup bag at school, so this was recent drugstore purchase made while I was hunting for some peppermint bark (it's all sold out, boo.) I was pleasantly surprised at the abilities of this $1 baby!


coat: h&m, button-down: urban outfitters, stole: uniqlo, denim: 7 for all mankind, booties: dv by dolce vita

I'm ashamed I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to think of some clever wordplay on "stole" for my post title. Unfortunately, my efforts were fruitless. Maybe going back to school soon will improve the current status of my mind, aka mush.

My stole makes its debut as an monstrous scarf, swallowing the top quadrant of my body. Twas helpful considering how cold it was. While covering up my neck was of importance, apparently covering my ankles was not, thanks to these jeans I snipped at. I mean, raw hems are pretty trendy anyways-- even if they are hidden to accommodate the booties. While on the topic of the booties, I must admit they are pretty uncomfortable. Most of the reviews I read failed to mention this! But considering their price tag, and their strong resemblance to the acne pistol boots, they're here to stay.

snow sprinkles

sweater: gap, coat: urban outfitters, patchwork jeans: ag (same fit), boots: asos, beanie: american apparel

My look from a few days ago-- when there was a light, sprinkling of snow on the ground, nothing like the current madness going on outside. Overnight, temperatures supposedly hit below 0! But instead of complaining about the ongoing blizzard, I'm going to cherish my last few days of a true winter before I head back out to LA. Is it bad that it's the beginning of the year, and I'm already dreading school? I guess it isn't even school itself that stirs up all these negative feelings, but the thought of creeping closer towards graduation and entering the real world. Hmph. Problems of a 20 year old.

On a sartorial note, I am clutching at these last few days that I get to wear all the turtlenecks and beanies and coats I desire. A menage of neutrals, this outfit is pretty basic but I'm a fan nonetheless. 


pants: zara, turtleneck: h&m, stole: uniqlo, shoes: zara, beanie: american apparel, gloves: j.crew factory

A festive, holiday-y outfit from the last year-- boy, does it feel weird saying that. The "stole" I'm wearing is a funky piece that caught my on the mannequin. I'm helpless in resisting the plaid print so even with the unique shape, I had to spring for it. Isn't that what fashion is all about anyways? Playing with your personal style and taking chances and all that jazz? Plus, I couldn't help but be reminded of this street style shot from Garance Doré's blog. Scarf-blanket-jacket represent!

If you're wondering what's got me entranced with my phone, it's the game QuizUp! My cousins introduced it to me on Christmas eve, and I've been addicted ever since.

Hope you guys all have a wonderful 2014!

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