Thanksgiving Day
SO here's a photo diary from my Thanksgiving. I had a flight early Thursday morning, and landed in EWR. I headed into the city to my cousin's apartment, and I swear, Thanksgiving is the emptiest I have ever seen New York City. Looking out my cousin's window and seeing all the dark skyscrapers and empty streets was a rare sight. It was my cousin's first time hosting Thanksgiving, and she cooked a delicious menu, including chicken, turkey, shrimp, and salmon! Later that night we saw Frozen, which was absolutely adorable. I can't remember the last time I saw a Disney movie in theaters, but this was worth it!  After the movie we did some shopping in Union Square since we were in the area anyways. Again, SO EMPTY.

Black Friday
Later in the day, after a few hours of sleep, we had a delicious late brunch at Sarabeth's in Central Park South. I can't believe it was my first time going, but I can definitely see what all the hype was about. I would have to say they have the best tomato soup I have ever had, it was like heaven. We also tried the scones, apple + banana french toast, eggs florentine, and a chicken caesar salad. I sipped on a hot chocolate, and also tried my cousin's four flowers juice, which Sarabeth's is famous for--although I can say that was the only thing I personally did not like.

Post brunch I accompanied my cousins and aunt for some shopping up there, before heading back to Jersey to my parent's house, since they were back from Virginia. I didn't do any black friday shopping myself, but it was still an enjoyable day :) Hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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