PJ's to-go

shirt (borrowed from brother): ralph lauren, coat: barney's co-op, jeans: citizens of humanity, boots: hunter, beanie: american apparel

In the week I've been in Jersey, we've already had two snow days! Wouldn't say it was anything crazy, just a few inches. Guess it's going to be a white Christmas-- can't say I'm complaining. Since I had to head out to Shoprite to pick up some groceries for a cake I was making, I was forced to change out of my jammies (#fiveyearoldlingo). So I wore the next best thing, an oversized plaid shirt and jeggings, plus the necessary winter garbs to bare the storm. While I may complain about wearing my hunters in the rain, none of those thoughts remain while in the snow. I'd rather be dry and warm than worry about the clunkiness of my shoes.

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