dress: h&m, hoodie borrowed from my brother: lacoste live (men's), denim jacket: gap, beanie: american apparel

Remember way back when, Rachel Green tried introducing the nightwear as dinner-wear look, but had to say "USA not ready." This time around, thanks to the French houses of Vuitton and Saint Laurent, us Americans are ready to step up our game. Sadly, I can't afford the lace and wool version Cara (yeah, we're on a first name basis, nbd) sported in the pages of British Vogue.  Not to mention, lace is tricky. It can easily look very, very cheap, regardless of price point. So I was thrilled to come across this affordable H&M piece, which is pretty similar to a popular, and pricier, Zara dress. To negate any risk of risqué, I was inspired by Ms. Medine's methods of man-getting to man-repelling, and layered up. My mane of mangled hair also helped retain some modesty.

P.S SHOUT OUT TO MY LITTLE BROTHER FOR GETTING INTO THE PRINCETON UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 2018!!  #canyoutellimexcited #proudbigsis The ever so enthusiastic shopper that I am, I may or may not have placed several online orders full of Princeton apparel for him in celebration of his accomplishment. 


  1. I love how you layered up this look, it's such a beautiful dress too. And congrats to your brother! That's so exciting :)

  2. Beautiful outfit! I love it!! :)

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  3. I like the denim jacket it's a great color! And omg congrats to your brother that's amazing!!

  4. Finally, someone has found a reasonably priced lace lingerie-style dress! I have been so tempted to buy the Zara version but I just can't seem to live up to purchasing a simple dress for $60-$70. But thank you Mili for letting us bloggers know where to get one for a competitive price. That dress will definitely be a next buy for me.

    I like how you added sporty pieces to a girly dress, perfect layering. And the hoodie is a great idea to layer with instead of the usual sweater. I've been looking for a sporty hoodie that still looks cute to layer with.

    Neon Fox

    1. I totally feel ya, I was tempted to cave on the Zara one too. If you buy it online, H&M has been having some really good promo codes lately, so you can get an extra 20-30% off!

  5. I love this look, you look great as always. What a proud sister, congrats to your little bro. I'm sure he will love all his new Princeton gear.

  6. Girrrl, this sexy black dress is perfect! I'm ready for lingerie day wear now haha. Love the layers with it, it's perfect. Also, CONGRATS TO YOUR BRO! That's seriously amazing!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Hi darling, you look fabulous, love the idea of a slip/lingerie dress, you wear it with such glamour and style, love the denim jacket and beanie with it. Congrats to your bro, thats amazing! What is is choosing to study?

  8. I'm loving the dress on you. it looks just perfect and the lace part is beautiful. but I'm also loving the fierce Lacoste hoodie. oh and congrats to your little brother! and it's so cool that you shop for him!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. Love the way you've mixed sporty and super femme here- the US is finally ready, haha. :) And congrats to your brother- what an achievement!


  10. Great outfit and congrats to your brother!! So exciting!!

  11. I love this look. I wish we had that trend here and I wouldn't look like a crazy walking down the street wearing a lingerie dress (which I have done before but oh well). Congrats to your bro!
    Mortem Blonde

  12. hello hun..cute outfit... wanna follow each other? just tell me if u follow me, then i'll follow u back immediatley.


  13. i love your dress! the lace detail is so pretty! awesome beanie! :D

  14. Cool!

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  15. Leandra is always right. Layering it all up was an excelent decision.
    I hear what you said about how lace can be tacky, and yes, it can indeed, but in this case the dress is totally cute.
    Congrats to your brother!

  16. Love the layering on that lace dress and cute red beanie !
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  17. This is so cute! I love a bright beanie, just the right amount of color :)


  18. Congrats to your brother that is such an amazing accomplishment! And congrats to you for finding this lovely lace H&M piece!! I really love the way this look came out and the way you took your photos, I might have to pull some inspiration from that :)

    See ya!
    Angela @ P&P

  19. Lovely outfit
    love the lace dress.
    Nice red beanie too.

  20. Your hair is amazing!
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  21. Hiiii! Congratulations to your brother! The truth is I love Rachel's Green wardrobe, and your outfit is so cool, I like the red beanie :-)
    So, I'm going to follow you and thanks for your comment on my blog! xx

  22. You look amazing. That dress (wow H&M is getting better and better) is marvelous and I love the way you styled it. I have seen every Friends episode (a few times) but I can't remember that one! Congrats to your lil brother!!! Do you have to apply so many years in advance? It not like that over here :D

    xx Mira

  23. Love your outfit, the beanie is awesome :) Congrats to your brother! Xx

  24. Lovely outfit hun. I always love your outfit posts.

  25. Great look dear!

  26. Love your beanie! Stunning look.

    Well done to your bro! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice comment.



  27. The lace is so pretty on this dress! You styled it just right with the denim jacket. Congrats to your brother!

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  28. Obsessed with that lace dress looks perfect paired with the red beanie. Wow your bro is awesome! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  29. Oh but we are absolutely ready for this beautiful lace!! :) you look wondwrf! Better than Rachel green!

  30. I love the dress and the way you layered it! I am ready to give this a try.


  31. Lovely dress ! I want it ! *-*

  32. Love this look. You have an amazing style, and I have got to give that a try soon, hopefully when the weather gets a bit warmer. Xo

    Lace and Lipstick Style

  33. Hi Mili! I agree that lace is tricky. In fact, I don't have any lacy dress because I don't think I can pull it off (though I love Rachel Green). LOL. Congrats to your brother for getting into Princeton! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  34. The colour of your I like it very much! :)

  35. Thanks kindly for stopping by, hope your week is going well!

  36. oh i love how you toughened it up with a denim jacket. lace is definitely a tricky one, especially as the high street versions actually DO look like sleepwear! i like this more than the zara one actually, the lace looks a bit more.. delicate?still wishing we have H&M sooner over here. i think when the store opens up next year i'll be shopping there a lot.

    steph /

  37. Loving your beanie!<3
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  38. beanie so cute... am following pls follow back

  39. I love the lace dress, congratulations to your brother :)

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  40. I've enjoyed the nightwear look but just couldn't get over how semi-risque it looked. Love of your idea of making it more masculine. Congrats to your brother!!
    Ashley Udoh


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