crispy, white oxford

I may have been a bit naughty and gone shopping during finals week. But hey! Urban Outfitters is between my apartment and Trader Joe's, and the 50% off sale sign just lured me in. Good thing I did because a mere 10 minutes later I walked out with the most perfectly crisp, white button down.

I've said before how I'm not someone who believes in universal closet essentials. More often than not, I tend to stumble across items which turn into my personal essential pieces. This is me predicting this top fits into that category. My usual problems with a white button down of it being too see through, or having ugly buttons, or being too tight across the chest, or conversely being too oversized simply don't exist with this top. In fact, I'm very tempted to buy the striped version as well.

Even though the whole head-to-toe winter whites thing is trending right now, I doubt I'll be participating in that because a) white jeans give me cottage cheese legs b) I'm too anal about perfectly matching the shades of white. I have one more final left until I'm free, so in the meanwhile here's two classic ways to style a white button down.

sources: pinterest + stockholm streetstyle


  1. I think a white shirt is an absolute essential. Now that makes me realise that I dont fit into my white shirt anymore.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  2. Yes! A white button down is exactly what I've been needing lately... Thanks for the reminder!! :)

  3. I love the freshness of a white button down...perhaps I need one in my closet too.

  4. yes! love these, there is something so fresh about a white collared shirt!

    love from San Francisco,

  5. lovely coat. :)

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  6. good luck with finals!
    and yes I do need one button down that is not sheer! i have not yet to finish my quest..

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  7. I finally found my perfect white shirt back in November... and I haven't worn it yet. Just goes to show, that not everyone's wardrobe essentials are the same! I still love it though.


  8. Lovely blog!!
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  9. This is definitely a closet essential, love both outfit ideas. Thanks for participating in my last post sweety, it was great to hear your thoughts.

  10. to be honest I have a small idea to try to put together an outfit with a white button down for this Saturday when a shopping trip should happen. I also have an idea to find myself a nice pair of imitation leather pants. so we'll see how it all goes down but I'm definitely waiting for your ensemble with the new shirt!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. The striped one is amazing! But i think the all white could be combined a bit easier.

  12. I haven't seem to find my perfect white shirt because fabrics tend to be either awful or too see through as well. I'm jealous but congrats on finding such a lovely piece!
    Mortem Blonde

  13. ahh love it! a white oxford is a staple in a working woman's closet I think :D I love the first outfit!

  14. i have the same problems when looking for a white button shirt! (the type of buttons and fit always get me!)

    love the inspiration. will need to stop by my nearest urban outfitters. good luck with your last final!!


  15. Your outfit look absolutely cool and stunning (: x

  16. You know what? I still haven't gotten the perfect white button down! I'll have to try and hunt one down's definitely a classy piece to have!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  17. damn i did my (online) shopping at UO just yesterday, clearly this is the universe punishing me for not visiting your blog daily! i was gonna say, the stripe version is pretty rad too, now i want one! seriously, stripes are so hard to get right, or maybe i'm just OCD with my stripe-to-negative space ratio.. nice inspo too!

    steph /

  18. Hello there!
    Great post here!!
    I love the white button down. I just wanna steal it from you. Amazing style..

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  19. I love Urban Outfitters,one of my up most fave shops! You cant beat a classic white shirt,and these outfits above show it can be chic,soft and feminine! fab post x

  20. haha, call shopping between exams an incentive. but I'
    m glad you found that perfect button down shirt - I'm still on the hunt for mine. =)

    xo, Carla

  21. Great styling...!!
    Wonderful outfit ,,,.Love the way you have paired the things with.
    Fantatsic , Perfect outfit
    Looks graceful!!!

    relevant things!~!~!~!~!~


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