could be gray

turtleneck: uniqlo, coat: bb dakota, shorts: urban outfitters, socks: h&m, boots: hunter, bag: cambridge satchel

Amongst all the holiday madness, pre and post included, I forgot all about blogging! Even though I had photos for posts at the ready. So voila, an outfit from last weekend where it was surprisingly warm. Of course I must grasp at every opportunity to adhere to the "no pants, no problem" moto, so I whipped out a pair of shorts. 

Hope everyone enjoyed/ is enjoying their holidays!


coat: h&m, shirt: urban outfitters, jeans: seven for all mankind, hat: h&m, fingerless gloves: urban outfitters

There's word vomit, and now there's photo vomit. I'm coining the phase as a result of my photo-escapades documented in this post. I spent the better part of Wednesday strolling around the city... and stuffing my face with delicious food. My indulgences included Kati Roll (a quick, Indian food joint,) Doughnut Plant, and Vivi Bubble Tea.

Also on the itinerary was the highline, which is pretty obvious from my post title. Sadly, the most picturesque part of the highline near the water was closed off, due to Tuesday's storm. Still, it was calming to walk above the bustling city for however few blocks were open-- specially so during golden hour where there are crazy reflections and shadows bouncing from building to building.

Last but not least in my list of major attractions of the day: Yoko Ono's wish tree, found as a result of wandering around Chelsea. Now that I'm home, I realize that I have in fact heard of it before, but at the time it was a pleasant surprise.

Click read more for photo vomit madness (FYI, it isn't photos of vomiting. It's just a spam of photos.)

PJ's to-go

shirt (borrowed from brother): ralph lauren, coat: barney's co-op, jeans: citizens of humanity, boots: hunter, beanie: american apparel

In the week I've been in Jersey, we've already had two snow days! Wouldn't say it was anything crazy, just a few inches. Guess it's going to be a white Christmas-- can't say I'm complaining. Since I had to head out to Shoprite to pick up some groceries for a cake I was making, I was forced to change out of my jammies (#fiveyearoldlingo). So I wore the next best thing, an oversized plaid shirt and jeggings, plus the necessary winter garbs to bare the storm. While I may complain about wearing my hunters in the rain, none of those thoughts remain while in the snow. I'd rather be dry and warm than worry about the clunkiness of my shoes.


dress: h&m, hoodie borrowed from my brother: lacoste live (men's), denim jacket: gap, beanie: american apparel

Remember way back when, Rachel Green tried introducing the nightwear as dinner-wear look, but had to say "USA not ready." This time around, thanks to the French houses of Vuitton and Saint Laurent, us Americans are ready to step up our game. Sadly, I can't afford the lace and wool version Cara (yeah, we're on a first name basis, nbd) sported in the pages of British Vogue.  Not to mention, lace is tricky. It can easily look very, very cheap, regardless of price point. So I was thrilled to come across this affordable H&M piece, which is pretty similar to a popular, and pricier, Zara dress. To negate any risk of risqué, I was inspired by Ms. Medine's methods of man-getting to man-repelling, and layered up. My mane of mangled hair also helped retain some modesty.

P.S SHOUT OUT TO MY LITTLE BROTHER FOR GETTING INTO THE PRINCETON UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 2018!!  #canyoutellimexcited #proudbigsis The ever so enthusiastic shopper that I am, I may or may not have placed several online orders full of Princeton apparel for him in celebration of his accomplishment. 

holidays in the hills

button down: urban outfitters, pants + cardigan + hat: H&M, shoes: converse

As of 6 PM PST yesterday, I am a woman freeeee of finals. Hallelujah. Instead of crawling into bed and catching up on some TV, I fought my hermit tendencies and went to soak up some holiday spirit. Strolling down Wilshire and the likes was refreshingly peaceful and a nice break from the tense atmosphere of the library/ campus. Of course, stopping by Urth Caffe and getting some boba + pumpkin pie was a pretty decent incentive as well. 

Here is the beloved oxford shirt I was gushing about in my previous post, thrown on before I rushed out the door to my physics test, paired with these pants from my pre-pre-pre blogger days (think 5-6 years ago). I threw on the hat post-exam, before I headed out for my Beverly Hills excursion. I'd like to say the whole combination is inspired by some imaginary, menswear-inspired, Parisian street styler.

Now I'm off to Jersey. See you in 2014, LA!

crispy, white oxford

I may have been a bit naughty and gone shopping during finals week. But hey! Urban Outfitters is between my apartment and Trader Joe's, and the 50% off sale sign just lured me in. Good thing I did because a mere 10 minutes later I walked out with the most perfectly crisp, white button down.

I've said before how I'm not someone who believes in universal closet essentials. More often than not, I tend to stumble across items which turn into my personal essential pieces. This is me predicting this top fits into that category. My usual problems with a white button down of it being too see through, or having ugly buttons, or being too tight across the chest, or conversely being too oversized simply don't exist with this top. In fact, I'm very tempted to buy the striped version as well.

Even though the whole head-to-toe winter whites thing is trending right now, I doubt I'll be participating in that because a) white jeans give me cottage cheese legs b) I'm too anal about perfectly matching the shades of white. I have one more final left until I'm free, so in the meanwhile here's two classic ways to style a white button down.

sources: pinterest + stockholm streetstyle


sweater: H&M, beanie: american apparel, jeans: genetic denim, boots: zara, coat: h&m, sunglasses: anthropologie

No inner monologue rambling from me today. Outfit from last week. Currently in panicky finals week mode.

dark prints

jeans: 7 for all mankind, turtleneck: h&m, boots: zara, sunglasses: ray-ban

Thankfully the east coast warmed up a bit post-Thanksgiving. A temperature in the low 50s allowed me to head out in a sweater sans coat, without fear of freezing any limbs off. Despite the fact that while in LA I want to join the hoards of pinterest girls in their longline coats, when the time comes... I'd much rather ditch the outerwear if I can. 

Sadly even though I've been home for a few days, the majority of time not spent with my family has been time spent studying/ doing schoolwork, or at least attempting to do so. Hurray for finals next week :( But at least I got to get dressed to run some errands for my mom. I'm not sure how I would fare if I spent four days in a row stuck in my PJs. My brandy-dandy new oversized turtleneck/ glorified blanket + old printed skinnies + favorite black booties were a no-brainer combination for my severely congested head. Oh right, forgot to mention that I've managed to catch a cold.


Thanksgiving Day
SO here's a photo diary from my Thanksgiving. I had a flight early Thursday morning, and landed in EWR. I headed into the city to my cousin's apartment, and I swear, Thanksgiving is the emptiest I have ever seen New York City. Looking out my cousin's window and seeing all the dark skyscrapers and empty streets was a rare sight. It was my cousin's first time hosting Thanksgiving, and she cooked a delicious menu, including chicken, turkey, shrimp, and salmon! Later that night we saw Frozen, which was absolutely adorable. I can't remember the last time I saw a Disney movie in theaters, but this was worth it!  After the movie we did some shopping in Union Square since we were in the area anyways. Again, SO EMPTY.

Black Friday
Later in the day, after a few hours of sleep, we had a delicious late brunch at Sarabeth's in Central Park South. I can't believe it was my first time going, but I can definitely see what all the hype was about. I would have to say they have the best tomato soup I have ever had, it was like heaven. We also tried the scones, apple + banana french toast, eggs florentine, and a chicken caesar salad. I sipped on a hot chocolate, and also tried my cousin's four flowers juice, which Sarabeth's is famous for--although I can say that was the only thing I personally did not like.

Post brunch I accompanied my cousins and aunt for some shopping up there, before heading back to Jersey to my parent's house, since they were back from Virginia. I didn't do any black friday shopping myself, but it was still an enjoyable day :) Hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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