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top: cheap monday, jeans: current elliott, cardigan: american apparel, scarf: urban outfitters, sandals: steve madden

       Soooooo, daylight savings. I completely missed out on that until I walked into the kitchen midday Sunday, and was aghast that it was sooo unbelievably late in the day-- till I realized what was up. Now the days are ridiculously short to the point where it's already "night" by the time some of my classes are done. Long gone are the long days of summer. Unfortunately, the heat has yet to leave, as it is unseasonably warm for November. 

       Even if Refinery29 claims that us LA gals too, can layer up for the colder months, I'm just not on board. Sorry, but when it hits above 80 on 5/7 days of the week, there is no way in hell I am wearing a coat. No matter how much I want to. SO here's my take on layering for fall in so cal. These jeans are all kinds of baggy, and much more apt for warm weather than stick-to-your-leg skinnies.

       I decided to align the text to the left in this post. Thoughts? Or is center more aesthetically pleasing? Decisions, decisions. 

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