inspired by: Elizabeth Olsen

Yeah, it's the other Olsen sister. She may have remained in the shadow of her siblings for some years, but there's no doubt that lately she's been working to make her own name in the industry. And looking super stylish while doing it. Her love for muted and natural palettes combined with the carefree elegance her sisters are famous for attracted me to her style. As the colder months hit us, I'm definitely inspired by her winter wear-- some long, structured coats, and wool hats, please. Not to mention her affinity for flat shoes. There are only so many photos of stars in sky high heels strutting on the icy streets that I can take. Once in a while? Sure. But everyday? Well, us plebs need shoes for walking.


  1. Can't really tell them apart,but I love their business mind.

  2. ^ AGREE. Why do they ALL look exactly the same..? Also, she has some great freakin' coats.

    xo Ashley

  3. I like how effortless and chic her style is! All Olsen sisters have an amazing sense of style! :)

  4. "Us plebs", I think that's the best thing I have read in a while, no kidding. I love Elizabeth's style. It's so casual.
    Mortem Blonde

  5. Gosh, she looks SO similar to them, doesn't she?!



  6. I guess colours are pretty important to me because when I look at those ensembles I feel like something's missing :P and that something is colours, at least a little splash somewhere. but I do love the white/beige coat!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Love the 6th outfit :D


  8. I'm a fan of her! She's very pretty and a great actress too.


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