so fluffy

sweater: h&m, skirt: zara, shoes: urban outfitters (similar)

I swear I go to the only school that has classes on the day before Thanksgiving. Not to mention I personally have class until 6 PM, so I have the joy of heading to the airport first thing Thursday morning. On the bright side, hopefully I will avoid all the crappy weather. Also I'm sure gorging myself with turkey, pumpkin pie, creamy mashed potatoes, and any other food jam-packed with carbohydrates will appease me. Some morning after black friday shopping should also help.

This super soft, super fluffy sweater gives me all kinds of good feeeels. Remarkably, I haven't been shopping much this school year, but the majority of my purchases have been from H&M. Their collection has just been really on point this season (besides for the coats which fit me awfully.) This sweater, a striped turtleneck, my wide brimmed wool hat, and two plaid scarves are my current favorite fall purchases to date-- all from H&M. During a late night shopping binge, I recently purchased this plaid sweater, this full midi skirt-- in both colors, and a turtleneck sweater that I swear was on the site for less than 24 hrs before it sold out. Not going to lie, besides from going home to spend the holidays with my family, I'm also pumped to see my new purchases! Getting packages makes me happy. (No, I am not referring to dick-in-a-box, and if you don't get that reference: click here. And yes, I promise it isn't pornographic.) I'm aware I sound like a marketing robot, but I'm just genuinely having a "IloveH&M" moment here.

Hope all my fellow Americans have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

inspired by: Elizabeth Olsen

Yeah, it's the other Olsen sister. She may have remained in the shadow of her siblings for some years, but there's no doubt that lately she's been working to make her own name in the industry. And looking super stylish while doing it. Her love for muted and natural palettes combined with the carefree elegance her sisters are famous for attracted me to her style. As the colder months hit us, I'm definitely inspired by her winter wear-- some long, structured coats, and wool hats, please. Not to mention her affinity for flat shoes. There are only so many photos of stars in sky high heels strutting on the icy streets that I can take. Once in a while? Sure. But everyday? Well, us plebs need shoes for walking.


sweater + jacket (similar): h&m, wool skirt: joie, sneakers: converse, lips: chanel

Red and green, red, white, and blue, and orange and black are three color combinations I don't wear simply because of their respective holiday connotations. But since I'm a badass and all, I decided to break the rules for this look. It's close enough to the holidays to let loooooose. Which apparently in my world means breaking my self-imposed sartorial guidelines.

This wool skirt (a great find at last year's Joie sample sale, but I don't think it made it into production) actually has slight lines of red in it, which you can't see in the photos. Unfortunately I had some technological difficulties with these photos, as they were showing up way lighter in photoshop than when uploaded on blogger. My attempts at remediation weren't completely successful, but I'm not lettin' it get to me. You know why? Cause today is the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. Woooo to all my fellow Whovians.

say shava shava

Some loverrrly photos from my cousin's sweet sixteen last weekend. Indoor photography isn't something I'm comfortable with, and I've never really had an interest to remediate that. But before the party I purchased a cheap (well, relatively cheap for a flash) external flash for the occasion. It came in handy while my cousins, my brother, and I goofed off throughout the party. Needless to say, my cousin's party was a hit, with everyone from the adults to the toddlers dancing together. Apparently this isn't true for everyone? I couldn't imagine it any other way!

P.s the title is from a Hindi movie that my cousins and I were obsessed with when we were younger. Obviously when the song came on during the party, we broke out the appropriate moves-- flailing arms and all.


 coat: h&m, black men's tank top, jeans: genetic denim, shoes: urban outfitters (similar), scarf: h&m

I took a break from sunny California to go home for the weekend for my cousin's sweet sixteen! Even though I was home for less than 48 hours, it was worth it. Although I can't say I ever want to have a job that includes lots of traveling. Worse? This is my last time flying this year before the holiday season; it's not the most wonderful time of the year... at the airport.

Finally after spending all that time complaining about not being able to indulge in wearing cold weather clothing, the time has come. Actually, I bought this $70 coat for a mere $7 at H&M in August, but obviously have been unable to wear it till now. Cause I was a fan of this coat from the Swedish retailer, I decided to purchase 2 other coats from the online H&M shop. Unfortunately, they were enormous and turned out to be a major disappointment. Usually their clothes tend to run small, but I guess when it comes to their outerwear, they run large? On a brighter note, they did/do have a buy one get one free winter accessories sale, so I got two plaid scarves for the price of one!

yankees cap casual

scoopneck tee: madewell, plaid shirt: h&m, jeans: 7 for all mankind, shoes: steve madden, cap: yankees

This hat has saved me from horrible hair days time and time again. Another more recently acquired life saver? The tangle teezer! I bought one on a whim at urban last weekend and it's my holy grail. Having really curly hair makes me hate brushing it, specially when it's dry. But this brush takes out the tangles without my hair turning into a bush. 

Wow, three posts in a row where I'm wearing jeans. That's unusual considering I could weeks... and even months on skirts and dresses alone. But I haven't done my laundry in forever so that probably plays into this.

red rum red rum red rum

#1: coat: zara, shirt:french connection men's, shoes: converse, glasses: ray-ban, yankees cap, scarf: h&m, jeans: citizens of humanity
#2: sweater: h&m, jeans: current/ elliott, lipstick: nars, boots: acne, sunglasses: karen walker
#3: skirt: topshop, belt: j crew, hat: urban outfitters, turtleneck: h&m, thigh high socks, boots: loeffler randall

Thanks to my pinterest feed which is overflowing with chic gals and their trendy coats, I'm dying to join the club. I have faith that the cold days will come, the Santa Ana winds never fail me.

Considering the wearbility (how is that not a word? it should be) of a coat, spending under $100 would be ideal. Well, spending less than $50 would be actually ideal but it's the beginning of the season so my hopes aren't up. Shockingly, this red zara coat, the "coat with large lapel," is a pretty reasonable $80. In order to get avoid learning about the fascinating world of electric fields (#snoozefest2013) I made a collage with 3 possible outfits. And I had to stop myself there, cause man this red coat really is versatile. More importantly, my physics textbook was calling my name.

patched up

sweatshirt: forever 21, jeans: ag, shoes: lauren by ralph lauren

My Sunday errands outfit is a bit of a clusterf*ck. I'm not sure what possessed me when I purchased this sweatshirt, as animal print is really not my thing, never has been. The shoes make me want to breakout into "Royals," since I already have mangled hair fit for the performance. 

Then there are the jeans. When I bought them last year, I was questioning my taste yet still ended up getting them, and obviously liking them. One of those pieces where I can acknowledge that it's kinda ugly, but I can't help but still want it in my closet. My feelings remind me of the following sonnet I read in high school. At the time I couldn't appreciate it since I had to read/ analyze it on the spot for a midterm. But now it makes me chuckle. 

My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun; 
Coral is far more red than her lips' red; 
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun; 
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head. 
I have seen roses damasked, red and white, 
But no such roses see I in her cheeks; 
And in some perfumes is there more delight 
Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks. 
I love to hear her speak, yet well I know 
That music hath a far more pleasing sound; 
I grant I never saw a goddess go; 
My mistress when she walks treads on the ground. 
And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare 
As any she belied with false compare. 

p.s does anyone else's mind run to the Doctor Who episode at mentions of the bard?

ultimate boyfriend

top: cheap monday, jeans: current elliott, cardigan: american apparel, scarf: urban outfitters, sandals: steve madden

       Soooooo, daylight savings. I completely missed out on that until I walked into the kitchen midday Sunday, and was aghast that it was sooo unbelievably late in the day-- till I realized what was up. Now the days are ridiculously short to the point where it's already "night" by the time some of my classes are done. Long gone are the long days of summer. Unfortunately, the heat has yet to leave, as it is unseasonably warm for November. 

       Even if Refinery29 claims that us LA gals too, can layer up for the colder months, I'm just not on board. Sorry, but when it hits above 80 on 5/7 days of the week, there is no way in hell I am wearing a coat. No matter how much I want to. SO here's my take on layering for fall in so cal. These jeans are all kinds of baggy, and much more apt for warm weather than stick-to-your-leg skinnies.

       I decided to align the text to the left in this post. Thoughts? Or is center more aesthetically pleasing? Decisions, decisions. 

fall grunge game

skirt: gap, sweater + boots: zara

A group of forgotten photos I shot back in early September when I was still at home. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who throws out generic, trending fashion terms loosely because.... I have no real reason why. What exactly is grunge? I don't exactly know. But in my mind, this falls into said category so here you go. According to urban dictionary, grunge style just screams, "I don't give a f*ck," which my forever disheveled hair is a solid example of. At the very least, I tried to toughen up this pink and floral skirt-- I hope. The silhouette was inspired by this season's Zara campaign, as well as the Jay Ahr 2014 resort collection. Roomy sweaters and flouncy skirts bonanza. 

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