cranberry sauce

sweater: h&m, skirt: american apparel, boots: zara, sunglasses: ray-ban

Huzzah! I have come back from the land of the dead... bloggers. Seriously though, this is my first outfit post in over a week. Usually I become a bit angsty and suffer from a nagging in the back of my mind when I fall behind on posting shit on the blogamabob.  Alas, I am back and lookin like a berry. Pretty sure every other time I've posted a monochromatic outfit I've complained about the need to match shades perfectly, or be driven to insanity. Something about this maroon, or ahem, as fall 2012 would call it, oxblood, let me loosen my need for perfect color coordination. Perhaps it was because of the clashing of textures, or maybe the pieces just had that perfect balance of different enough to not be confused as the same color, yet not too different that they don't match. 

Had to go for a cranberry sauce title since, you know, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And after that... the holiday season! What would you say if I told you I've already started listening to Christmas music?

Rachel Green

So I may have fallen off of the face of the planet the last week, but let's just blame midterms. 

As a self-proclaimed television addict, it's not surprising that I'm a big fan of Friends. So here's my short tribute post to one of everyone's favorite style stars from the 90s: Rachel Green. Long before the 2013 street style season, she donned her own pink fluffy coat. Dare I say, her outfit would totally be on point at the moment. Go Ms. Green!

coat: topshop, rings: gorjana, turtleneck: j. crew, boots: rachel zoe, skirt: zara 

tee dress

t-shirt dress: urban outfitters, sweatshirt: zara, shoes: converse, sunglasses: ray-ban

Sometimes I pair softer, or girlier, or dressier dresses with my converse, dresses that would traditionally be worn with perhaps more polished flats or heels. But there's no doubt about it that this dress was made for wearing with sneakers. It's bright red and super comfy, with a plus of rolled sleeves-- a detail that's been catching my eye recently. It is a little bulky looking, but I don't mind.


skirt: madewell (similar), crop top: asos, vest: zara, sandals: cotton on, glasses: ray-ban

At the beginning of each season, stores and blogs and the entire fashion/ retail industry buzzes with getting all of the things from all of the trends. While I love shopping as much as the next gal, I try not to get too carried away with the hype. Not to mention, I'd like to think I have an ability to stay true to my personal style and avoid trend salad status. Anyways, the trends I tend to cling too are usually related to pieces and elements already present in my closet. For instance, this madewell skirt from two years ago perfectly fits the blush pink bill-- aka the color of the season. Or errrr, one of the colors of the season. Added the oversized vest to balance out the softness of the skirt, and get that whole "tough chic" thing.

Side note, I've figured out what my outlandish, dream job is. Following in the footsteps of Rusty Ryan, I'm pulling the Bellagio job my fantasy is managing a LA hotel. But instead of hiding out in the Hollywood Hills, my place would be along the coast in Santa Monica or Malibu. It's so preeeeetty. And if you didn't get that reference, rent Ocean's Eleven now.

midi muses

While midi skirts were a big hit in the street style scene during fashion week, I have yet to see them make a solid appearance in the "high street." Which leads me to question 1) Is it really a trend item? Or am I just making this up because I personally am a fan 2) Maybe this whole blogging thing has made an impact. I have the maaaaagical ability to "trend forecast" 3) I am a clueless bafoon who has no idea where to shop. Regardless, I just wish there were more affordable options out there. Obviously the two measly midi skirts I own... I left in Jersey. This is what happens when you're a last minute packer. Thankfully, ASOS is on the forefront of all things fashion related and they seem to have a little bit of everything on their site. The first skirt/dress are a bit ridiculous for me price range wise, but I could see myself purchasing one of the later ones as an impulse splurge. With a coupon code, of course.

from left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

And now for some real life midi wearing muses hittin the streets. Are you getting tired of me saying the title yet? Midi muse, midi muse, midi muse. I think personally why I'm attracted to this silhouette, is that there's something sorta unexpected about it. In a sea of mini skirts, you would think that a midi skirt would be matronly and frumpy. Specially on someone so young. As my cousin so aptly told me, I was not allowed to look like an old maid in NYC night life. But styled the right way, these skirts make for the most effortlessly stylish of outfits-- which these gals prove. Personally, I prefer skirts that hit closer to the ankle, since they make for more flattering proportions in my eyes. 

photos sourced on pinterest


top: forever 21, dress worn as skirt: urban outfitters, boots: arturo chiang, sunglasses: ray-ban, lipstick: chanel in gabrielle 

Was I alive in 1982? No. Did that stop me from purchasing this shirt? Also no. It reminded me of the ever so popular Topshop number tee, which I had purchased and returned earlier this summer because the whole t-shirt as a dress factor was looking too trampy on me. It's a bit shocking this shirt hasn't made an appearance on the blog before considering how much wear it got when I first bought it in August. Funny how things work out.

Anecdote of the day: The responsible almost-adult that I am, I decided buying 3 pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream (since it was on sale) was a better option than buying laundry detergent. Priorities. Thankfully I am a chronic shopper so doing my laundry isn't really pertinent until I start running out of socks and/or undergarments.

P.S If you have yet to hear of the young and inspirational woman, Malala Yousafzai, you're missing out. In a time where girls of my generation are represented in mass media by people like Miley and the Kardashians (blech), she's a breath of fresh air. Here's a clip of her on the Daily Show, I really recommend watching!

earn your stripes

dress: cheap monday, jacket: j. crew factory, shoes: converse, beanie: american apparel

Channeling my inner tiger while on a trip to get a power drill. What? Me? Power drill? That's right ladies and gentleman, just call me your regular handy women. #girlpower

plaid + pleats + patent

top: asos petite, skirt: forever 21, plaid shirt: nautica (men's), sunglasses: ray-ban

When I first started wearing this plaid shirt, I would indicate that I "borrowed" it from my father's closet. But considering this occurred more than 6 months ago, and he hasn't seen the shirt since the incident-- it's safe to say that it is now mine. Mwuahahaha.

choco chip cookies

So I'm a pretty big newbie when it comes to all things cooking related. I was lucky enough to have my mom cook most of my meals with that nice motherly-home feel for the first 18 years, and then moved onto eating dorm cafeteria food-- which was better than I gave it credit for. Now, living in an apartment it's finally time for me to learn how to cook! Not just because I want to, but also because I have to. Considering eating in-n-out everyday wouldn't be sustainable. SO since I tend to get snap happy anyways, figured I would share some of my success stories on the blog. 

I had started out by googling a ton of chocolate chip cookie recipes, but ended up sort of improvising one since I didn't have the exact ingredients for one specific recipe. Surprisingly they turned out to be the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made! I should note, if you're someone who gets a thrill from the risk of burning your tongue while munching down on hot out of the oven cookies, this is not the recipe for that. When they're hot... they taste kinda funky cause of the pudding mix. But when they cool down, mmm so soft and chewy and yummy! 

Recipe for 12 chocolate chip cookies 
1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 cup flour
1/2 cup white sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 egg
1/2 cup butter
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
pinch of salt
1/2 package vanilla pudding mix
Enough chocolate chips to fulfill all your dreams (or 1 cup)

1. I melted the butter all the way down since I read somewhere that helps make the cookies moister. Also, I'm impatient.

2. Mix in both sugars. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

3. Beat in the room temperature eggs. (Ie let them sit outside for some time before you start)

4. Add in flour + salt + baking soda. Last, add in the pudding mix.

5. Mix in chocolate chips.

6. Using a tablespoon, drop them spoon by spoon onto a baking sheet. I didn't bother greasing mine.

7. Bake around 15 minutes, or until they're that perfect shade of brown.

8. Let them cool before you consume!! Otherwise they will taste sort of... doughy? floury? due to the pudding mix.


skirt: urban outfitters, top: madewell, lipstick: NARS scarlet empress

Apparently concealing heeled booties can make a shortie look not too short. I've got the maaagggiic in me. Threw on a bold lip because it was the weekend and I was bored. And it seemed to work with the light palette of my look. Usually when it comes to more monochromic dressing, I ere on the darker end of the color spectrum, since as I have mentioned before, unmatched adjacent whites irritate me to no end. But the striped tee appeased me. Huzzah.

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