supposedly essential

jacket: j. crew factory, t-shirt: urban outfitters, sweater: madewell, skirt: h&m, sunglasses: anthropologie, boots: arturo chiang

I for one, don't believe in universal closet essentials. Maybe if you're completely lost within your closet, and you're looking for a fresh start-- a post about said "essentials" could help you out. Whenever I happen to read an "you need to have these in your closet!!!!" article, all I can think is, "um, you don't know me." That being said, the basic white tee and perfect denim jacket make frequent appearances on these lists, and I can totally see why (although it's also a-okay if they just aren't your thing.) Ever since my last two years of high school, where I wore white Hanes v-necks with skinnies at least 3 days a week, I haven't really bothered with going back. Rescinding back into my high school style is not part of the game plan. But after purchasing this slouchy v-neck on a whim at urban (I mean, I drove allll the way over there so leaving empty handed wasn't an option,) I'm hooked. It's slouchy and semi sheer, topped off with a big-ass pocket on the front.

Then along came the jacket. I have a lighter washed denim jacket from last summer, but I was on the hunt for something in a darker color. This jacket with its quintessential blue jeans wash and slightly oversized boxy fit the bill. Done and done. 

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