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jacket: j. crew factory, t-shirt: urban outfitters, sweater: madewell, skirt: h&m, sunglasses: anthropologie, boots: arturo chiang

I for one, don't believe in universal closet essentials. Maybe if you're completely lost within your closet, and you're looking for a fresh start-- a post about said "essentials" could help you out. Whenever I happen to read an "you need to have these in your closet!!!!" article, all I can think is, "um, you don't know me." That being said, the basic white tee and perfect denim jacket make frequent appearances on these lists, and I can totally see why (although it's also a-okay if they just aren't your thing.) Ever since my last two years of high school, where I wore white Hanes v-necks with skinnies at least 3 days a week, I haven't really bothered with going back. Rescinding back into my high school style is not part of the game plan. But after purchasing this slouchy v-neck on a whim at urban (I mean, I drove allll the way over there so leaving empty handed wasn't an option,) I'm hooked. It's slouchy and semi sheer, topped off with a big-ass pocket on the front.

Then along came the jacket. I have a lighter washed denim jacket from last summer, but I was on the hunt for something in a darker color. This jacket with its quintessential blue jeans wash and slightly oversized boxy fit the bill. Done and done. 


  1. Ahh I was a Hanes-and-skinnies type of girl, too! And believe it or not, I just bought my first jean jacket a few months ago. Love how you styled yours up! :)

    sorelle in style

  2. Cute and simple! I love this outfit. I also love that you tied a sweater around your waist too - very 90s!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. i love your style! i'm looking for these shoes in my town!

    ANECIA ♥

  4. Cute! I think a white tee is a great piece to have because it can be paired with anything! Love that jacket too :)

  5. Hey,
    great pictures and an amazing look! :)

  6. I didn't believe in closet essentials till I got old(er). Now, having been through several fashion recycling cycles I can see that some things are just timeless and it's those things that truly are closet essentials. Fashions come and go, but the staples stay and with clever accessorizing you can always make them current. That's not to say that I don't also have latest fashion fads in my wardrobe. :D

    1. Hmmm, I can get behind the idea of timeless items, things that last beyond trends. But the idea that these pieces are universal for all people? That's where my reluctance begins

  7. beautiful style and blog

  8. Love what you're wearing! I totally understand what you mean, when people say 'everyone needs to own ...' I tend to disagree, mainly because it might not be everyone's cup of tea! But having said that, I think I need an outfit like this in my life... x

  9. lovely blog!
    this look is rad!
    following u dear<3 stay in touch yeah?! ;)

  10. So lovel! You look amazing I love your style. I like your blog. Maybe you can visit my blog and follow me on gfc and bloglovin.

  11. You look lovely! xx

  12. Yup! I completely agree about the whole "essentials" thing. I don't even have a white tee which I should probably really invest in. I do have a denim jacket and wore it for like a month straight! They really do go with just about everything.

    But I absolutely love the way you wore the slouchy tee with the skirt as well! Your styling is always on point. Maybe when I move up north I'd consider buying a white t-shirt... but here in Austin I only believe in tanks. :)

    Angela @ Pens & Peonies!

  13. Lovely casual outfit! I think there are some essentials (like a white tee) that will always fit into everyone's wardrobe! :)

    Away From The Blue

  14. Gorgeous outfit! The gif at the end is so good :)

  15. Once again, I love your outfit. You can pull off anything! So gorgeous!
    -Vivian from stylemeendless

  16. This is interesting that you don´t believe in essientials, too! Because especially the classy pieces are often boring for me ;) But I agree your jacket is a true essiential and you combined it great <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  17. haha, when someone writes or says that everybody should have this and this in their closets then I just laugh because it's only stupid to assume there exists a piece everybody likes. it doesn't and it's only normal. anyway, you know I always like what you come up with and this here is something I really really like. those classical shades of burgundy, black, blue and white are just perfect together.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  18. amazing outfit! i love the gif too :) xo

  19. love this outfit, it has inspired me to try a look like this. i love the top around the waist x

  20. Lovely casual outfit, and the animated pic is so cool =)

    Fashion and Cookies
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  21. I love your style of writing :) This is such a cool, effortless look and that jacket is gorgeous!

  22. Ha ha maybe not going back to your high school days but going back to the grunge look!

    Ali of dressing Ken

  23. Loving the booties and the color of that skirt. It's a good thing I don't resort back to my high school style otherwise all you would see in my style post is sweats and tee-shirts!

    Indulgera Blog

  24. Haha, "Um, you don't know me." So true! That's what I think when I see these type of lists in magazines, such as: "The Top 10 Things You Need for Fall Now!"
    Really? I don't think so.
    However, the white tee and denim jacket are good to have in a closet. Love how you wore both :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  25. Could you posts get more cooler than the previous posts!! Love the gif at the end and well essentially you rock girl! \m/

    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  26. this is an amazingly layered outfit! I for one am one of those who need a white tee/denim jacket in my closet :)


  27. You look absolutely cool! xxx

  28. Very cool!!!!
    Have a great start of the week hun!

  29. I agree on a white tee and denim jacket as essentials, they would work with anything, goes really well with your uber cool style!

  30. you are in the correct. o agree with you. you look so beautifullllll!!! love denim jacket.
    let's follow each other???? is pleasure kisses

  31. You look gorge in this retro grunge look! As always, darlin!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  32. Yes! A white tee and denim jacket is a must. I always rely on these two items whenever I don't know what to wear.


  33. I definitely understand how you feel about the "essentials" articles, because every time I read one I seem to not be pleased with what is said to be essential in MY closet. But lately I have been needing a white v-neck I feel like it's the one item that is essentially missing in my closet. But great outfit!

    Neon Fox

  34. I really love the color of your skirt!

  35. You look really stylish in this outfit! I especially love the denim jacket as I am in such need of it! Great outfit! :)

  36. Well, whether you want to admit it or not, you're dressed head to toe in typical "essentials", and you look great doing it! ;) I love a good denim jacket. SO SO much.

    xo Ashley

  37. lovely post! The whole look is just so perfect and really chic! Looking forward to reading your next post.

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.


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