occupation? dinosaurs

midi skirt: asos, crop top: free people, shoes: converse, bag: cambridge satchel

My family's initial plans to head down the shore for labor day fell apart due to the rain. Instead, we opted to head into the city and take cover in the safety of the American museum of natural history. Growing up I was lucky enough to visit the museum several times. Obviously as a child it was more about the impressive visuals, but with each subsequent visit I got more out of the museum. This time around, I was excited to see exhibits that were directly related to what I study at school-- which is anthropology btw. Look at me, I'm growing up!

After our time at the museum, the rain had passed and we walked around the park a bit before heading to dinner. Thanks to my little cousin for taking photos of me for this post. More than 95% of my outfit photos are self portraits, besides for a few taken by my mom when I am tripod-less. I prefer to take my own photos because it's so awkward being in front of the camera. When I take them myself, I feel more in control. But my cousin excellently fills the job of photographer! There's a picture of him jumping in the air down below, which was taken right before a security guard got a chance to chastise us. Whoops. Excuse the derpy wannabe model pose in the first photo, if it helps, I genuinely was relaxedly leaning on the fence.

p.s If you got where my post title is from-- virtual high five

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