last one

shirt + skirt: asos, shoes: zara, sunglasses: anthropologie

Officially moved into the apartment! Unfortunately I won't have the internet for the next few days, so I've been spending my days in coffee joints/ on campus. To be honest, I think Peet's may be replacing Starbucks as my go to coffee hotspot :O The coffee is probably on the same level-- have yet to reach a verdict on that, but the wi-fi is faster and music is infinitely better (classical music for dayz, yo.) So as I sit here sippin on my matcha tea latte, I can schedule this last post from back home.

Say hello to my new fall boots, although I don't know how much wear they will be getting since my trek to school is a bit longer than when I was in the dorms. But I did spend an entire day in NYC in these boots, so who knows.

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