1950s funeral

crop top: asos petite, skirt: urban outfitters, shoes: zara

What a morbid title post. But I think it fits-- no? I'm wearing all black, which isn't unusual for me. Plus the silhouette is reminiscent of the 50s (I think? The history section of my brain isn't exactly in tip-top shape.) Not to mention that it wasn't exactly a bright and cheery day. Shortly after taking these pictures, a massive thunderstorm hit us. Then later in the night our electricity went out-- right in the middle of my catching up on a week's worth of the Colbert Report. Bummer. #firstworldpains

For someone who has no clue about garments or tailoring or anything of the sorts, I am very liberal with my scissors. This skirt was collecting dust in the bottom of my drawer, as it was too long for my liking. The full shape at a floor length did nothing for me, but I think cropping it a few inches solved my issues. A midi length isn't something I would usually go for, but it seems to be gaining some popularity lately and I'm all for it.

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