coffee and cream

jeans: citizens of humanity, sweatshirt: free people, cardigan: h&m, wedge sneakers: aldo, beanie: american apparel

This basically completely contradicts my last post. I look like I'm heading into the dead of winter (albeit a southern California winter.) What can I say, I woke up and it was in the mid 60s on my early walk to get coffee. It was now or never to whip out some fall clothes. Other recent developments, I still don't have internet in my apartment. Something with not having a phone jack to set up the service I wanted. Being a semi-independent sort of adult is tuff.

not so fall

 top: asos, skirt: free people, sweater: cotton on, boots: zara

I tried cherishing the little peeks of fall I had when I was at home, because it isn't going to be coming anytime soon in LA. But I'm not complaining, the mid 70s weather is my definition of perfection-- and my need for all things autumn can be fulfilled with a few cups sips of pumpkin flavored beverages. Which also reminds me I need to get my hands on a pumpkin cupcake from Sprinkles-- highly recommended by this cupcake enthusiast (aka me.) Omg and speaking of Sprinkles, let's hope they bring back the candy corn ice cream from last year because it was seriously like no other ice cream that I have ever had. #lifeandtimesofasugaraddict

last one

shirt + skirt: asos, shoes: zara, sunglasses: anthropologie

Officially moved into the apartment! Unfortunately I won't have the internet for the next few days, so I've been spending my days in coffee joints/ on campus. To be honest, I think Peet's may be replacing Starbucks as my go to coffee hotspot :O The coffee is probably on the same level-- have yet to reach a verdict on that, but the wi-fi is faster and music is infinitely better (classical music for dayz, yo.) So as I sit here sippin on my matcha tea latte, I can schedule this last post from back home.

Say hello to my new fall boots, although I don't know how much wear they will be getting since my trek to school is a bit longer than when I was in the dorms. But I did spend an entire day in NYC in these boots, so who knows.

headless chicken... horseman?

sweater + hat + skirt: H&M

During my last few days at home before school, I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. (Tacked on the horseman bit cause of the giant hat that makes me look a headless human. Or nearly headless Nick. Damn the tangents in my brain.) On top of the whole getting back into school thing, there's the whole moving into my first apartment thing. The part of me that's fearful and stressed out is colossal in comparison to the teeny part that's excited. On the less important blog side of things, everything that I've shot recently is shit. While I can proudly say that I have improved in my photography over the years, sadly the downside is that the arbitrary standard for what is worthy to display is on the rise. So out of the 6 outfits that I have shot over the past week, this is the only one that makes the cut. Then I try rationalizing that I spent the time to take them and attempted editing them, and get frustrated over all the extra lost time spent on contemplating this... then telling you about it. Blergh. 

(P.s could you tell my parents are computer engineers from the books?)
As busy as I am/was, I couldn't resist one last quick trip to NYC on Monday. Here's my cousin's view again, this time at sunset. Just looking at it calms me down. Well, a little bit.

1950s funeral

crop top: asos petite, skirt: urban outfitters, shoes: zara

What a morbid title post. But I think it fits-- no? I'm wearing all black, which isn't unusual for me. Plus the silhouette is reminiscent of the 50s (I think? The history section of my brain isn't exactly in tip-top shape.) Not to mention that it wasn't exactly a bright and cheery day. Shortly after taking these pictures, a massive thunderstorm hit us. Then later in the night our electricity went out-- right in the middle of my catching up on a week's worth of the Colbert Report. Bummer. #firstworldpains

For someone who has no clue about garments or tailoring or anything of the sorts, I am very liberal with my scissors. This skirt was collecting dust in the bottom of my drawer, as it was too long for my liking. The full shape at a floor length did nothing for me, but I think cropping it a few inches solved my issues. A midi length isn't something I would usually go for, but it seems to be gaining some popularity lately and I'm all for it.

before the madness

Sooo a few posts ago I talked about getting overwhelmed by all the New York fashion week-i-ness. Well that time came... three days ago. But I didn't have time from my extremely busy schedule of re-watching Sherlock and crying my eyes out to write this post. The season 2 finale gets me every time, and I am not a crier. At all. But alas, I digress from the topic of this post: new york freakin' city. As a reminder to myself and maybe to you too if you needed a dose, that the city isn't always crawling with street style photographers and the biggest and baddest of the fashion industry. So here's a non fashion week New York City post for you.

I went to visit my cousin a few weeks ago and the first few pictures are of the crazy view from her relatively new apartment. It was my first time visiting and can I just say I am so jealous of her pad (Side note: is that a thing people still say?) The next few photos are from the west village, where we went for lunch one of the days that I visited her. The lobster roll at Pearl's was soooo good mmm.

Even though I'm all gung ho about visiting the city when I can now, truth be told, I hated going until maybe around 5 years ago. My parents would have to bribe me or something to convince me that I was going to have a fun time there. Little me was as sassy as current me so it usually didn't play out very well.


There's at least a 75% chance that the following sentence will make me sound very odd...but there's nothing quite like the feeling of walking on cold grass. At that point where it's so cold that it feels wet... but it isn't. Yeah, I don't know where these thoughts come from or why I feel the need to share them with the people of the internet. But if your feet hurt after a day of walking, or you're just curious, I suggest you try it sometime soon.

Everyone's up in arms about transitioning into fall, as they should be. It doesn't get much more transitional than throwing a denim jacket over a summer spaghetti strap dress-- does it? 

I have no idea what the f is going on with the name of this post. It doesn't fare well that I've barely been blogging for a year, yet am already at a loss of post titles. 

supposedly essential

jacket: j. crew factory, t-shirt: urban outfitters, sweater: madewell, skirt: h&m, sunglasses: anthropologie, boots: arturo chiang

I for one, don't believe in universal closet essentials. Maybe if you're completely lost within your closet, and you're looking for a fresh start-- a post about said "essentials" could help you out. Whenever I happen to read an "you need to have these in your closet!!!!" article, all I can think is, "um, you don't know me." That being said, the basic white tee and perfect denim jacket make frequent appearances on these lists, and I can totally see why (although it's also a-okay if they just aren't your thing.) Ever since my last two years of high school, where I wore white Hanes v-necks with skinnies at least 3 days a week, I haven't really bothered with going back. Rescinding back into my high school style is not part of the game plan. But after purchasing this slouchy v-neck on a whim at urban (I mean, I drove allll the way over there so leaving empty handed wasn't an option,) I'm hooked. It's slouchy and semi sheer, topped off with a big-ass pocket on the front.

Then along came the jacket. I have a lighter washed denim jacket from last summer, but I was on the hunt for something in a darker color. This jacket with its quintessential blue jeans wash and slightly oversized boxy fit the bill. Done and done. 

occupation? dinosaurs

midi skirt: asos, crop top: free people, shoes: converse, bag: cambridge satchel

My family's initial plans to head down the shore for labor day fell apart due to the rain. Instead, we opted to head into the city and take cover in the safety of the American museum of natural history. Growing up I was lucky enough to visit the museum several times. Obviously as a child it was more about the impressive visuals, but with each subsequent visit I got more out of the museum. This time around, I was excited to see exhibits that were directly related to what I study at school-- which is anthropology btw. Look at me, I'm growing up!

After our time at the museum, the rain had passed and we walked around the park a bit before heading to dinner. Thanks to my little cousin for taking photos of me for this post. More than 95% of my outfit photos are self portraits, besides for a few taken by my mom when I am tripod-less. I prefer to take my own photos because it's so awkward being in front of the camera. When I take them myself, I feel more in control. But my cousin excellently fills the job of photographer! There's a picture of him jumping in the air down below, which was taken right before a security guard got a chance to chastise us. Whoops. Excuse the derpy wannabe model pose in the first photo, if it helps, I genuinely was relaxedly leaning on the fence.

p.s If you got where my post title is from-- virtual high five

rare occasions

This follows the initial wedding post from a few weeks ago, these photos being from the reception from that night. There are just sooo many unusual things going on in this photo. I'm in a SARI that is PINK while I am SMILING with TEETH, and I'm wearing MAKEUP. The only reasonable explanation for this series of unfortunate unexpected events is that the girl in this photo is my evil twin. Although I love clothes, I am by no means a "girly-girl." This photo says otherwise. Needless to say, my mom was so thrilled she was able to convince me to wear this hot pink outfit.

photo above thanks to my little cousin

Tigger made a surprise appearance? I don't know. Indians party hardy?

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