summer wedding

dress: bcbg runway, shoes: zara

No, this is not going to be one of those "OMG here's my picks for what to wear to a summer wedding" posts. Because honestly, I had no idea how to dress for this occasion. For someone who literally loves buying clothing for any possible event, including working out (something I do like 10 times in a calendar year...) formal wear is a category that stumps me. Not that I don't love looking at pretty dresses as much as the next girl, I'd just prefer not to wear them. Maybe it's cause while in theory something with prints or colors or embroidery fits the bill, I'd naturally wear something more simple. This sets the stage for me rummaging through various boxes in my closet in hopes of finding something to wear, and settling on my senior prom dress with a a half hour to get dressed, sort through a mess of tangled hair, and slap on some makeup. Wearing it for a second time, albeit two years later, makes me feel a little less bad about how much $$ went into the dress. 

This is part one of two posts, since Indian weddings are REALLY LONG. Like, REALLY REALLY. If the all caps and repetition didn't do it for you, I don't know how to properly emphasize this point. This is what I wore to the ceremony in the morning, and in all honesty, I felt a bit underdressed in a sea of saris and salwars. But it was humid and I was not in the mood to drown myself in a precariously draped piece of cloth. 


  1. The black dress looks SO pretty on you! And what a gorgeous wedding :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Amazing look and great pics!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  3. Your photos are amazing and you look absolutely beautiful! Thanks for bringing us along!


  4. the photos are so gorgeous. What a beautiful wedding! I love how colorful and bright everything is!

  5. what a cool post, Mili! I really enjoyed going through all the photos and I'm glad there will be more to come. I've only seen such events via tv so it was pretty cool to explore some photos from an actual event. and you look absolutely great in that dress, not underdressed, not overdressed, just perfect for a fancy event like that.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. love what you put on , i enjoyed flipping through your blog , like i always do even if i didn't leave a comment to prove it LOL ,

    ( Love Me Some Neutrals ) new post on my blog ,


  7. These are such stunning pictures! You looked beautiful - I love that you re-wore your prom dress - I always wanted to do that, too, but haven't had the chance yet! :)

    sorelle in style

  8. Awesome pictures..and you look perfect in that those shoes as well Mili. I also dont know how to dress up for formal dos. I look at other girls all glammed up, I just have no clue! Maybe thatswhy I attend really less weddings...but you are roacking this LBD girl!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  9. hi dear,
    I think your dress is awesome!! I also prefer not having to wear too "girly" dresses or dresses with too much glitter and something like that.

    and so many beautiful pics -love them!!

    and I wanted to thank you for checking if my blog is still working ;))


  10. The photos are stunning! Must have been a great wedding.

    - Dani

  11. well you still look lovely in that dress anyway =) love the photos.. but then again i've already told you before that i love your photographs as always.

    xo, Carla

  12. So stunning photos and you look so beautiful in that dress!:)
    Must been a cool wedding party!:)

  13. Beautiful photos of the wedding! And your black dress is gorgeous!

  14. You look so beautifully elegant hun, one can never go wiring with a little black dress for any occasion, really sophisticated. The wedding looks so vibrant and colorful, much like what I see in the movies. Everyone is so wonderfully dressed!

  15. You looked gorgeous- so chic. :)


  16. Oh wow, these are lovely snaps of the wedding! Although a REALLY long wedding? Haha, yeah, I wouldn't have wanted to be drowning in so much fabric either. Although they look so lovely...ah, vanity.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  17. Everyone is so dapper. Actually, I own a sari and even a turban for men at home. The outfits during Indian weddings are truly beautiful.

  18. I would never think of wearing black to a wedding but my golly goodness woman, you are just a VISION!!!! I love the draped details of your dress as well as the cut-outs that completely elevate the meaning of an LBD. Utter loveliness.

    <3 Mandy xx

  19. Your photography is amazing. I lvoe all the rich colors


  20. woweee, beautiful dress- it look so great on you. oh gosh, the indian wedding always got me in absolute awe!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  21. The shape of your dress is so flattering!

    I'm in a contest with Wallis to win a trip to NYFW! If you get a chance, I'd love it if you could vote for me! Thanks!

  22. i love seeing photos from indian weddings, they always look amazing! the length just means more time for beauty haha

    -Tara x


  23. I never know what to wear to weddings either. And I LOVE indian weddings - they are always sooo much fun! You look great in that BCBG - nice and simple. Unfortunately for Chinese weddings black isn't really an option (which is a problem since all my formal dresses are black) so this might sound hilarious but I'm wearing a sari to a wedding this weekend. Will post up some pics next week ;)

    steph /

  24. I'm soooo inlove with your pictures! like sooo much! The wedding look super amazing too. So exotic and culturally beautiful. love everything about this post! x


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