little red in the rain

lace dress: bcbgeneration, coat: h&m, boots: hunter

Confession: I hate wearing rain boots. They're clunky and heavy to walk in, and they squeak when I fidget in my seat. Not to mention they have the amazing quality of chopping my stumpy legs into looking even shorter. What really perplexes me? Fashion bloggers who wear Hunters WHEN THERE IS NO REASON TO! There's no rain, snow, or mud. So why? Put on a pair of black riding boots, home girl. 

But, they are a necessary evil for those rainy days when having muddy water splashed on my legs isn't really on my agenda. And these glossy black ones are shiny. I like shiny, said the magpie. As an avid reader of Atlantic-Pacific, I was inspired to wear a dress with my rain boots. Her ability to dress them up and accessorize properly is matched by no other. But then again, Blair is basically in a league of her own all around. 

Also, I can't say I wore this in honor of tonight's Pretty Little Liar's episode... since this outfit is from last week, but I can say it is being posted in honor of the summer finale!!! Will we finally find out who red coat is?!?! Are we to assume it is Cici?! Who knows?! I mean, as any PLL fan will know, if we get any answers this will only open up another can of worms worth dozens of new questions. Seriously. 


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