east coastin'

Just some pictures from days where outfit photos didn't really work out as planned. The first set of photos is from when I went to Edison, NJ-- aka the brown town of New Jersey-- with my mom after a party near there. The second set of photos is from an impromptu day trip into the city to grab lunch, on the last day of restaurant week. I'm quickly turning into one of those people who carries her camera around with her everywhere she goes... and it ain't a bad thing ;) 

1. Driving on the highway
2. Mommy in her sari
3. Samosas mmm

1. Chanel store on 57th
2 + 3. Pretty buildings on the UES
4. Table at Lavo
5. Famous apple store near the park
6. The Plaza
7. Cowboy in the big city
8 + 9. Stand stands adjacent to the park
10 +11 +12. Outside the Central Park Zoo
13. Pretty looking church

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