east coastin'

Just some pictures from days where outfit photos didn't really work out as planned. The first set of photos is from when I went to Edison, NJ-- aka the brown town of New Jersey-- with my mom after a party near there. The second set of photos is from an impromptu day trip into the city to grab lunch, on the last day of restaurant week. I'm quickly turning into one of those people who carries her camera around with her everywhere she goes... and it ain't a bad thing ;) 

1. Driving on the highway
2. Mommy in her sari
3. Samosas mmm

1. Chanel store on 57th
2 + 3. Pretty buildings on the UES
4. Table at Lavo
5. Famous apple store near the park
6. The Plaza
7. Cowboy in the big city
8 + 9. Stand stands adjacent to the park
10 +11 +12. Outside the Central Park Zoo
13. Pretty looking church


  1. Great photos! Love the first little gif x

  2. Lovely pics but the one of your mum is my favourite! I find it so artistic :)

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  3. Amazing photos! NY is just awesome!!

    Xenia xx

  4. ah i really want to visit! you take really good photos - love that they're quite different. the upper east side looks really pretty!

    steph /

  5. Your photography is so eye catching, whether it be outfit photos or just what you see. Love the one of your mom in her sari! :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. Your photography is pure excellence, is this something you do professionally? If not you really should!Thanks for your visit, I hope this week goes well for you!

  7. I always enjoy your photos.. outfit photos and everything else too. I haven't been to the States so it's extra exciting to see all those details through someone else's camera lens. definitely make similar posts more often if you can ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. Woah your photography is seriously amazing!

  9. Looks like a great time! I literally just drooled when I saw the photos of the samosas! No matter how I try they never look like that, oh well...good thing we have restaurants :)

  10. Beautiful pictures! That apple store looks amazing and the first motion picture is incredible.


  11. These pictures are great and HOW PRETTY IS YOUR MOM'S SARI?! Wow. P.s. take me to the Apple store!!

    xo Ashley

  12. hahah i take my camera everywhere too and it drives Marc crazy, #whateva. I LOVE your gif of the highway (way cool) and your momma's sari is SO pretty. I went to india a couple months ago and miss all that color in my life :)

    xo marlen
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  13. I enjoying every single one of all your pictures! Beautifully!

  14. Love your photos!! I used to walk by the strand bookstore all the time when I went to high school around there.


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