time flies

shirt: urban outfitters, shorts: vince, shoes: urban outfitters, hat: zara, bag from India, bracelet: bcbgeneration

I can't believe it, but an entire year has passed since I started this blog. When I first began, I wasn't really into posting regularly or talking to other bloggers-- but oh how times have changed. Amongst other things, this blog has helped me improve my photography, my writing (although it may not seem like it...), and my confidence. Rather than spewing a ton of sentimental crap out, I'll just leave you with a sweet and short thank you for reading!

Since my first outfit post last year was in Battery Park, facing the river, I figured it was only appropriate that this outfit is from the other side of the Hudson. The Jersey side. Woot woot. Even if I live in LA for more than 3/4 of the year, I will always be a true Jersey girl #Jerseyproud. The down side to being out in the open by the river is the lack of shade. I haven't gotten the hang of shooting self portraits in direct sunlight, since I never bother trying in the first place, so the selfies were a bit of a struggle. Despite the fact that the bright sun didn't make for optimal photo taking conditions, it was the perfect day for a day at the park with the fam.

little red in the rain

lace dress: bcbgeneration, coat: h&m, boots: hunter

Confession: I hate wearing rain boots. They're clunky and heavy to walk in, and they squeak when I fidget in my seat. Not to mention they have the amazing quality of chopping my stumpy legs into looking even shorter. What really perplexes me? Fashion bloggers who wear Hunters WHEN THERE IS NO REASON TO! There's no rain, snow, or mud. So why? Put on a pair of black riding boots, home girl. 

But, they are a necessary evil for those rainy days when having muddy water splashed on my legs isn't really on my agenda. And these glossy black ones are shiny. I like shiny, said the magpie. As an avid reader of Atlantic-Pacific, I was inspired to wear a dress with my rain boots. Her ability to dress them up and accessorize properly is matched by no other. But then again, Blair is basically in a league of her own all around. 

Also, I can't say I wore this in honor of tonight's Pretty Little Liar's episode... since this outfit is from last week, but I can say it is being posted in honor of the summer finale!!! Will we finally find out who red coat is?!?! Are we to assume it is Cici?! Who knows?! I mean, as any PLL fan will know, if we get any answers this will only open up another can of worms worth dozens of new questions. Seriously. 


east coastin'

Just some pictures from days where outfit photos didn't really work out as planned. The first set of photos is from when I went to Edison, NJ-- aka the brown town of New Jersey-- with my mom after a party near there. The second set of photos is from an impromptu day trip into the city to grab lunch, on the last day of restaurant week. I'm quickly turning into one of those people who carries her camera around with her everywhere she goes... and it ain't a bad thing ;) 

1. Driving on the highway
2. Mommy in her sari
3. Samosas mmm

1. Chanel store on 57th
2 + 3. Pretty buildings on the UES
4. Table at Lavo
5. Famous apple store near the park
6. The Plaza
7. Cowboy in the big city
8 + 9. Stand stands adjacent to the park
10 +11 +12. Outside the Central Park Zoo
13. Pretty looking church

block party

 dress: free people, boots: urban outfitters, bracelets: bcbgeneration, bloomingdales, kate spade, nails: sinful colors in "leather loose"

Kind of random, but I happen to live down the street from a banquet hall. Every August the owner throws a festive block party and invites everyone from our hood to celebrate the end of summer. Always one to avoid unnecessary awkward social interactions, I usually don't attend. But since my parents raved about the food last year I decided to check it out this time around. Let's just say all the delicious food made it worth the trip.

photos thanks to my mom for being a human tripod

not quite black

shirt: aqua for bloomingdale's (similar), cargos: j brand (similar), hat + ankle straps: zara, nails: sephora by OPI "leotard optional" 

This outfit is somehow a mix of "very me" and "not so me." Black shoes, muted color scheme, plaid, and a hat are all very true to my usual style. But heels, a sleeveless top (sorry to be one of those girls but I hate my arms), and such a wide brimmed hat aren't something I typically reach for. The hat was one of my last purchases at the Zara sale, at under $10, it was definitely a lucky find. Believe it or not, the cargos would probably fit into the "me" category, since they were a pair of my go to pants 3 years ago. Remember that? When every single female celebrity out there owned a pair of these pants? Needless to say high school me felt like a kool kat owning a pair.

Wearing something like this at school wouldn't really make me blink an eye, but when I come home, suburbia tends to get to my head. Perhaps this wasn't the best outfit for blending in while running to Harmon's and Dunkin on an early Saturday morning. In suburban New Jersey. Specially cause there was a constant fear of knocking someone out with my headgear. YOLO.


As September and the inevitable start of school approaches, it's time for me to get a haircut. I've had long hair for about as long as I can remember, and usually get a trim of a few inches 2 or 3 times a year. The shortest it has been, excluding my childhood, was probably... 6 years ago, where it was still well past my shoulders. I've been contemplating cutting my hair short for quite some time, but I fear taking the plunge. Once it's gone, it's gone for good. Not to mention that my hair is the longest it has ever been, and when pulled straight, touches the top of my pants in the back. Buuuttt, the whole short and messy, long bob do has really caught my eye, to the point where I want MY hair to look that way-- even though I have no idea how it will look with my face. There's only like, a 25% chance that I have the audacity to actually cut it this way, but maybe this group of inspo photos will help. To cut or not to cut?

all sourced on pinterest

balance beam

dress: thrifted, hat: h&m, shoes + bag + scarf: urban outfitters

Even though I am in college and completely out of the school system in my town, I still have this fear of... authority? So I as I was wandering around my old middle school, I worried if some teacher is going to yell at me for trespassing. This is completely ludicrous since a) A 7th grade teacher can't do anything to me b) I wasn't even trespassing c) I can't find the stem to this innate fear since I was never even a delinquent or anything. I only got detention twice in the 6th grade, two days in a row, because I didn't finish my English homework :'(

Ben Wyatt sums it up perfectly, although with cops:
“I’m not afraid of cops, I have no reason to be afraid of cops. I never break any laws ever.. because I’m deathly afraid of cops.”

fight the power?

summer wedding

dress: bcbg runway, shoes: zara

No, this is not going to be one of those "OMG here's my picks for what to wear to a summer wedding" posts. Because honestly, I had no idea how to dress for this occasion. For someone who literally loves buying clothing for any possible event, including working out (something I do like 10 times in a calendar year...) formal wear is a category that stumps me. Not that I don't love looking at pretty dresses as much as the next girl, I'd just prefer not to wear them. Maybe it's cause while in theory something with prints or colors or embroidery fits the bill, I'd naturally wear something more simple. This sets the stage for me rummaging through various boxes in my closet in hopes of finding something to wear, and settling on my senior prom dress with a a half hour to get dressed, sort through a mess of tangled hair, and slap on some makeup. Wearing it for a second time, albeit two years later, makes me feel a little less bad about how much $$ went into the dress. 

This is part one of two posts, since Indian weddings are REALLY LONG. Like, REALLY REALLY. If the all caps and repetition didn't do it for you, I don't know how to properly emphasize this point. This is what I wore to the ceremony in the morning, and in all honesty, I felt a bit underdressed in a sea of saris and salwars. But it was humid and I was not in the mood to drown myself in a precariously draped piece of cloth. 

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