knit: zara, shorts: levi's 501 cut-offs, sandals: mel, sunglasses: ray-ban aviators

Sorry to disappoint, but there are no photos of delicious watermelon here. Instead, I am embracing the watermelon way of dressing.

I've had less than two weeks of summer school, yet have already written a paper and have two more exams this week. Crazy things. While packing for my 6 weeks of school, I  did not plan ahead. Not that it would be impossible to live off the amount of clothing, but the proportions of shorts to shirts to dresses to skirts just don't work out. Not to mention that without my leave-in conditioner (which I also forgot), my hair is crazier than usual as you can see from the frizz halo. Didn't think it could happen, huh?

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