sweet things

Not sure how many people above the age of 10 would sport this combo. I can imagine myself getting dressed in this getup as a child, throwing on the spaghetti strap dress cause it was blistering hot and my mom made me wear a dress (#tomboyproblems), but then stubbornly wearing the sandals because they were hot pink (tomboys liked pink, too.) As an ever so mature ah-dult, I probably would have reached for a pair of shoes somewhere in the grey-beige area of the color spectrum. Since I packed neither with me, 5 year old inspired style it was. Which I guess was appropriate cause I went on a sort of sugar shopping spree. But don't worry, I didn't eat them all in a day. Looks like there's some part of me that's able to exhibit self control. 

P.s the first time I wore these sandals, people asked me if I got blisters. Now I can say they don't, since I have been wearing them frequently and for extended periods of time over the past month and a half, and I am blister free!

green tea boba with coconut + macarons + red velvet cupcake

P.s It's my birthday :O Officially a "twenty-something"

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