shirt + sweater: zara, shorts: urban outfitters, sneakers: converse

I just cannot believe that it's practically August. It's the last week of my summer school session, and it seems to have crept up on me. Currently, I'm struggling not to drown underneath all the last minute things I need to get done before I head home + obviously finals. That doesn't mean that I don't have to time to waste on the internet-- I mean, my ability to procrastinate is one of my best skill sets after all.

sweet things

Not sure how many people above the age of 10 would sport this combo. I can imagine myself getting dressed in this getup as a child, throwing on the spaghetti strap dress cause it was blistering hot and my mom made me wear a dress (#tomboyproblems), but then stubbornly wearing the sandals because they were hot pink (tomboys liked pink, too.) As an ever so mature ah-dult, I probably would have reached for a pair of shoes somewhere in the grey-beige area of the color spectrum. Since I packed neither with me, 5 year old inspired style it was. Which I guess was appropriate cause I went on a sort of sugar shopping spree. But don't worry, I didn't eat them all in a day. Looks like there's some part of me that's able to exhibit self control. 

P.s the first time I wore these sandals, people asked me if I got blisters. Now I can say they don't, since I have been wearing them frequently and for extended periods of time over the past month and a half, and I am blister free!

green tea boba with coconut + macarons + red velvet cupcake

P.s It's my birthday :O Officially a "twenty-something"

inspired by: boyfriend jeans

Okay, so I'm only about several years late on accepting boyfriend jeans. Although I should rephrase that, I've liked boyfriend jeans styled on others, but only recently began wearing them myself. No longer going to be passing past photos of them featured on street style stars. Still, as far as real life goes, I don't think boyfriend jeans have been properly assimilated into the scene as well as their cousin--  skinny jeans. Regardless, my skinnies are taking a backseat-- this is the era of the boyfriend jeans (*cues dramatic music here.*)

all sourced on pinterest 

bellatrix lestrange

sweater: zara, boots + dress worn as skirt: urban outfitters, sunglasses: ray-ban aviators

Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort's #1 groupie and all around badass--don't these shoes look like they belong in her wardrobe, well, besides for the fact that they were made by muggles. They're actually reminiscent of a pair of JC x FP boots that I realllly, really want. But these were a fraction of the price, so I settled since dishing out close to $200 for a pair of shoes, no matter how pretty they are, isn't something I do on the regular. Possible birthday present? I think so. And they'll even match my birthday splurge of last year-- my blood red cambridge satchel! (Aren't you glad I didn't refer to it as oxblood?) 

I haven't worn shoes with any semblance of a heel in over a month, since all I've been living in are flat sandals and converse. Apparently I forgot about the wretched pain of wearing any sort of heel, regardless how modest the height. In the beginning of the morning, "Oh man, this is no big deal. My feet feel fine, I was just being a big baby every other time I wore such shoes for extended periods of time." Fast forward 6 hours + countless hills and endless stairs ahead, the balls of my feet are asking me what they ever did to deserve such shit treatment. #dramaqueenproblems

blue and black

 shirt: h&m, faux leather shorts: urban outfitters, shoes: converse

The last few days of trying to take outfit photos have been rather disappointing. I'm in a photo funk. Even though this should be the least of my worries, I can't help but be bovvered. Although photography is just a hobby, as is blogging, I do have expectations of myself and posting subpar photos kinda stresses me out... even if there are no actual consequences in doing so. It would be proper to classify myself as some sort of watered down form of a perfectionist, perhaps a molarity of .5? #usinggenchemreferencesineverydaylife #uknowhowido

Also, this commences my FINAL week of being a teenager. Infinite sad faces. For days. And miles. (although the infinite probably already implied both)

the morning after: overalls or overkill

The other day around 3AM, after finishing up a paper, I might have been a lot little delusional and began online shopping. As I might have mentioned before, the zara sale has been killing it lately and taking my wallet along for the ride. In my lapse of sanity, this floral overall type thing caught my eye for whatever reason.

For the most part, I can't get behind the whole overalls trend. Maybe cause my earliest memory with overalls is my mom trying to convince me that they were "cool" cause the cartoon Sabrina the teenage witch wore em. Besides for that, they aren't exactly good at hiding belly bulges, in fact, they're more likely to accentuate those bad boys. But like many things I'm exposed to in the blogosphere, my initial resistance has been chipped away and I'm almost at the point of acceptance. In contrast, I actually haven't seen many people wearing overalls in real life. Seems to be one of those internet condensed trends, or maybe I'm just not in the company of "hip" people. Funny how this works: see many people wearing it on the internet= want to wear, see many people in real life (or really at college) wearing it= do not want to wear.

While waiting for it to arrive in the mail I made 3 outfits to see how I could actually wear said overalls, even though there's a 70% chance they will be returned...

overalls take 1
overalls take 3
overalls take 2

awkward turtle

top: zara, shorts: free people

Hands: what to do with them in photos? Honestly, I've got no clue. Holding a drink, peeking at my phone, playing with my hair, fixing my sunglasses-- all natural reactions. But unoccupied hands make me seem like even more of an awkward turtle. Safe to say I wasn't a model in any past life. 

confession: these are actually tortoises, but awkward tortoises just aren't a thing


knit: zara, boyfriend jeans: bdg (@ urban outfitters), shoes: converse, bag: cambridge satchel, beanie: american apparel, sunglasses: ray-ban 

Today I don the "pretending to be homeless is now in and totally acceptable" look, made ever so popular by the Olsen twins. As you can see, the DIY rip expansion in these jeans did not fare so well in the dryer. Fray city, what's up. God forbid my mother sees me in these pants. But alas, I am at school-- crisis averted. 

Gaping holes aside, these jeans are critical for my comfort maximized outfit. Not that my personal aesthetic isn't super relaxed to begin with. Tight tops? No. High heels? No. Shapeless shirts that are basically super soft sacks with arm holes? Yes. Plus, when you forget to set your alarms the previous night leaving you 15 minutes to get yourself together, ease and comfort are of the upmost importance. Later I enjoyed a coke slurpee on a not so hot and not so humid summer day in honor of 7/11 aka free slurpee day.

The new layout is basically completed! I think this font is way more readable than the previous. Thoughts?

I kind of got sucked into the world of html + css. Maybe I will make a post on editing/ making your own layout. Not so much about making codes from scratch, cause I do not have any idea what any of this mumbo jumbo means, but rather links to tutorials/ helpful tidbits on how to accomplish certain parts.

inspired by: July lookbooks

Just some quick weekend inspo from Free People and Urban Outfitters. Cheers to Sunday!

P.s Although Google reader officially retired as of July 1st, they kept the data until the 15th so users could still import it to another reader. So it truly is the final chance to import your reader data; here's how to for bloglovin'.

Also, apologies if my site looks sorta weird or off over the next few days. I'm trying to fix my layout, but I am a complete html/css noob soooo

dark days

knit: zara, pleather shorts: urban outfitters, boots: asos, bag: longchamp

Just for clarification, it was a dark day physically-- as in my my outfit, not emotionally. The worst thing that happened to me was that I showed up to my nonexistent physics lab. Yeah, pretty dark stuff right there.

stripes and plaid

t-shirt: zara, plaid shirt: h&m, jeans: citizens of humanity, shoes: converse, sunglasses: ray-ban black aviators

After my ode to plaid, it was only appropriate that I post an outfit featuring plaid. There were some mixed feelings towards plaid, but I have to say I am still a fan #teamplaid. I was kinda iffy of this shirt when I bought it, cause it has iridescent snap buttons, but eh what the hell. The ombre effect was a nice plus, as was the $10 price tag.

While there are some downsides to a summer in LA, one of the perks is the weather. Then again, that's more of a year long thing. While we did have to deal with some gloomy days, it's cleared up since--well, except for maybe in the mornings. For the most part, the weather is very manageable. It was even cool enough this weekend for me to put on a pair of slick skinnies. But that's probably cause I reside relatively close to the coast. Also-- the lack of humidity is something I will not take for granted. Having spent my previous 17 no 18 no fudge I am old 19 summers in Jersey, with travels up and down the coast and even to India, I am cherishing this. Seriously.

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