wanting what you can't have

outfit 1: hat: H&M (last worn: here), eagle shirt: zara (last worn: here), boyfriend jeans: bdg from urban outfitters (last worn: here, buy them: here), cardigan: madewell,  shoes: asos (buy them: here), sunglasses: ray-ban aviators, bag: urban outfitters

outfit 2: sweater: h&m (last worn: here), shorts: levi's (last worn: here)

As the days get warmer, I find myself reaching for long pants and/ or long sleeves... items which I neglected to wear for most of winter. It's like now that I won't have the option of wearing them, I want to wear them. I know there are some people who don't think it makes any sense to wear long sleeves with shorts or jeans with tank tops, but I can't say I adhere to that school of thought. Specially in the mornings, when the temperature lurks in this sunny but cold with a little wind range.

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