surviving finals


striped dress, nars lipstick, floral cap, red converse, floppy hat, midi skirt, mmm rings (in place of a hopefully more affordable set from h&m), black sunglasses, brown sunglasses, light washed jeans, dark washed jeansred sandals, colorful sandals, neon blue polish

As the school year comes to a close and I'm wrapped up in the turmoil that is finals week-- materialistic items are a light at the end of a long dark, dark tunnel. I'm pretty good at waiting for things to go on sale for the most part, so hopefully I get to welcome some of these into my closet in the upcoming months.

P.S if you're looking to buy makeup, lord & taylor has 10% off now with the code FRIENDS.

And a beautiful "hello" from me to you #casualselfie
I get a little crazy this time of year
Jk I'm always crazy

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