optimal finals attire

sweatshirt: wildfox (last seen here), pants: h&m, shoes: asos, bag: cambridge satchel, hat: polo ralph lauren, nails: chanel peridot (dupes: OPI in just spotted the lizard, gap nail polish in Gold Rush)

I was going to say how comfort is the goal of finals week dressing, but that holds the implication that comfort usually isn't my main objective when getting dressed. Which is false. I always dress for comfort. My key to optimization of finals dressing? Stick to the most basic pairings. Again, I feel like that implies that I don't stick to the same few combinations. Anyways, black bottom + white top= simple as it gets. Voila, the trendy version of sweatpants + sweatshirts. While we're (I'm) talking about this, let's bring up the circular nature of trends. These faux linen pants are from the summer of '09, the era of "the harem." Super serious drop crotches were never (and never will be) part of of my wardrobe. These pants got much love while I was away on vacation, or at my cousins house, or really anywhere that nobody from school could see me (oh, high school.) And now this updated take on the harem pant is back, and I'm embracing it-- in public this time #wooconfidence.

P.S Awesome blogger gal Mariana, the voice behind Going Teen, asked me some questions for her blogger Q&A, go check it out here!!

I have superhuman powers. Mwuah-ha-ha.


  1. I need those Asos shoes! Too bad Asos stuffs always gets lost enroute to India :(

    Nyt from BIG hair LOUD mouth

    1. That's such a bummer :( and to think I get antsy from waiting a week. If the shipping did work out, I would def recommend them :)

  2. Heyyy.. Nice blog... :)

    Would you like to follw each other...!!!

  3. Looove your pants! I recently got some harem style pants and they are amazing!!

    Xenia x

  4. Definitely the optimal pair of pants for comfort - but still stylish! I want a pair now.
    Good luck with finals!

    Trendy Teal

  5. Those beams comin' out from your eyes lol. Hey, love this sporty look. Probably try this look out here in Jakarta (if i manage to keep my hair tidy enough).

  6. Love this look, that is my objective during finals week too! Love those pants! Also, good luck on your finals!

  7. Great photos! I always dress for comfort too :-) I love your satchel style bag x

  8. nice laid-back! I really adore your style!!! :D

  9. I really like this cool laid back look, really great style!

  10. I love your outfit, especially your bag!

  11. this outfit is perfect for finals, stylish but maximising ease and comfort!

    -Tara x


  12. That is definitely what I wore to my finals, haha. I actually owned two pairs of harem pants and I lived in them so much. You couldn't even tell they were pants because they were so drapey, but alas they got eaten by my washing machine and now are replaced by regular sweat pants, haha.


  13. gorgeous <3

  14. oh harem pants would definitely fall into the finals attire category for me too. i like the harem pants with those shoes, something i'd definitely wear except i don't have harem pants i think, only harem-ish ones. hahaha. hope all went well with those exams!

    steph /


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