Cambridge, MA

shirt: harvard, pleather shorts: urban outfitters (similar), cardigan: madewell, shoes: zara, sunglasses: ray-ban, bracelets: bcbgeneration (duh), bloomingdale's, & diy

I don't frequently opt to wear collegiate apparel that isn't repping my own school, but I made an exception for this super cozy shirt. Not to mention crimson is much more demure than bruin blue and true gold. Plus my clothes for the summer are limited so borrowing from my brother is inevitable. So here I am, reppin Havvaahhhd.

My posting as of late has been pretty sporadic. Time always seems to fly when I'm home, and my plans on having soooo much time to shoot outfits never quite work out. But now I'm back to school for summer classes, so no more "summer vacation" till August. Yay. (That was sarcastic, just FYI.) 

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