breaking the rules

beanie: american apparel, sweater: zara, shorts: j brand, boots: asos, sunglasses: ray-ban

One more final exam (...and a paper) till I'm done! Wahoooo. Wore this on one of my those days that I tried being a good student and spent the majority of the day in the library. Generally, I resist sporting certain pairings. Examples include crop tops and short bottoms, shades of unmatched whites, and black and dark brown. I can't tell you how many times I have cringed over seeing a girl in a pair of black leggings and cognac boots. We all have our hangups, but apparently I was able to momentarily overcome mine while getting dressed. For whatever reason, breaking up the black and brown with a pair of light cut-offs seemed acceptable-- or maybe the pandemonium of finals is getting to my head. A seemingly simple and quintessentially west coast (I can't imagine what weather on the east coast where wearing a sweater and shorts would be comfortable #thankyouhumidity) outfit made slightly less boring by the black and brown combo. Now back to making physics my bitch.

Because I felt as if I had not littered the web enough with my odd faces

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