last call

sweater: american apparel seed stich pullover, jeans: j brand houlihan 

These photos are a few weeks old and were taken while I was messing around in my old dorm room. There's noooo way I could possibly be wearing this outfit in LA's current heat wave. I finally have a new battery charger and am ready for new outfit photos, huzzah!!

Just to annoy you a little bit more, it's the last call to import your google reader to bloglovin' cause as of tomorrow, reader will be defunct. 

inspired by: Vanessa Jackman

Hey y'allll. I can't believe that I haven't picked up my camera in an entire week. But alas, my new battery is FINALLY on it's way and set to arrive by Monday. Not that I'm sure I would have time to take pictures since I've managed to bury myself in schoolwork due to my choice of classes...

And the more time I spend indoors attemping studying, the more time I spend endlessly roaming the internet. Shocker.

Besides for contemplating purchasing virtually everything from the Zara sale, (by the way, is it just me or is it particularly affordable this season?) I've also spent a decent chunk of my time on Vanessa Jackman's blog "pinterest-ing" all of the things. The assortment ranges from avant garde, risque, or bold looks that I can't see myself translating in my mere plebeian wardrobe to looks that are more understatedly tasteful or relatable. The collage below tends to skew towards the latter end of that spectrum. Besides for the actual street style stars featured in the photos, I can't help but admire Ms. Jackman's photography. Regardless of the location of her shots, she has a distinct style. I can't help but be envious of her obvious skillz. To be honest, I think after spending so much time on her blog, street style photographer would make the list of dream jobs for an alternate reality. You know, besides the whole social anxiety of interacting with and asking to take pictures of strangers. 

In all seriousness, I really do have to focus on school cause let's just say the ol' GPA can not afford another hit, so I think I'll be posting more of these "inspired by" posts in the upcoming 5 weeks. Hope you don't hate them! Which doesn't really matter cause I don't since collages are fun to make and I'm already spending time looking at said photos and this is my blog and I like run on sentences so suck on that #sorryimnotsorry

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to find links to specific photos on her blog, check pinterest 

Cambridge, MA

shirt: harvard, pleather shorts: urban outfitters (similar), cardigan: madewell, shoes: zara, sunglasses: ray-ban, bracelets: bcbgeneration (duh), bloomingdale's, & diy

I don't frequently opt to wear collegiate apparel that isn't repping my own school, but I made an exception for this super cozy shirt. Not to mention crimson is much more demure than bruin blue and true gold. Plus my clothes for the summer are limited so borrowing from my brother is inevitable. So here I am, reppin Havvaahhhd.

My posting as of late has been pretty sporadic. Time always seems to fly when I'm home, and my plans on having soooo much time to shoot outfits never quite work out. But now I'm back to school for summer classes, so no more "summer vacation" till August. Yay. (That was sarcastic, just FYI.) 


dress: minkpink, cardigan: urban outfitters, shoes: urban outfitters

Hand on the hip, jutting my buddha belly out #srslyseriousmodelstatus #amifamousyet 

I'm not going to lie, prancing around my backyard in this dress, I felt as if I were channeling my inner Selena Gomez from the "Come & Get It" music video. Do I know that she can't sing? Yes. Do I agree that the lyrics suck? Yes. Do I still find the song incredibly catchy? Yes. Whatchu gonna do?

Oh my god. I put this maxi on as a way of fending off the continuous mosquito attack. Jokes on me cause it was too hot to wear the cardigan, and the maxi has 3 thigh high slits-- though it makes for fun twirling times. Mosquito bite count so far? 17. On the bright side, I haven't faced any alive cicadas yet. Just three dead ones, ew. But I did scream for my life and run inside when I heard the oncoming buzz of one. Or so I thought. Better to be safe than sorry. Or not really sorry cause they aren't harmful, they just freak me out.

The charger for my battery's camera seems to have misplaced itself. Hopefully I manage to buy one soon cause my battery is down to one bar...

jumping on the jelly shoe trend

shoes: mel 

In my defense, I totally wanted a pair of jelly shoes last year but they were all fugly and/or overpriced. So now I'm jumping on the jelly bandwagon with a slightly less intense version than their chunkier relatives. Surprisingly, rather than reaching for the black or nude version, the hot pink sandals were the ones that caught my eyes and heart. I can't say these were made for puddle hopping-- unless drenching your feet in dirty puddle water is your thing-- but they're a nice alternative to clunky rain boots for those wet days in the summer, where you probably spend more time in your car + indoors than you do walking around outside.

jacket: barney's co-op, polo: ralph lauren, shorts: ag jeans


dress: h&m (last seen here), jacket: zara (last seen here), shoes: asos

It seems that every time I come home for short spans of time, my life is in a whirlwind. So many things I'd like to do... somehow all at the same time. I'm stuck with 2 suitcases of clothes for the summer, and all of them were promptly dumped in the laundry. One thing I've come to appreciate after living in the dorms the past two years is a good dryer. It sounds incredibly mundane, but when you get stuck with a shit one, your wardrobe faces the repercussions. One cycle and say hello to the wonderful smell of mildew, two cycles and you feel like you've gained 100 lbs every. time. you. get. dressed. Hence, I whipped out this dress that's a bajillion years old for a day of shopping... in which I didn't buy any clothes but rather ice cream, cupcakes, chicken nuggets, and breadsticks #fattylyfe

Anyyywayys, chic trends is having a June blogger contest and this is my entry! After browsing through their trends I thought two of the ones that best fit my style were boho revival and country chic. I think the flowy floral dress, gladiators, and military jacket are some sort of mix between the two.

June gloom

tank top: forever 21, jeans: citizens of humanity, peacoat: gap, bag: cambridge satchel, boots: arturo chiang

DONE DONE DONE! Officially done with my sophomore year of college! I'm not going to lie, that last paper killed me a little. I would have preferred to have spent my day laying in bed, watching scrubs and drinking apple juice. The amount of time I spent on the essay may or may not equal the amount of time spent reading articles such as "how to write an essay in x hours." It came down to the point where I was calculating the amount of pages I had to write per hour, or estimating my optimal sentence per x minutes rate. Can you tell that I'm a left-minded thinker? 

(sorry not sorry, I just had to)

This past week LA has been hit with a case of June gloom. While I was lucky enough to walk around in shorts in the middle of February, jeans AND a coat were necessary today. Now time to pack alllll my stuff for the summer. Oh joy.

breaking the rules

beanie: american apparel, sweater: zara, shorts: j brand, boots: asos, sunglasses: ray-ban

One more final exam (...and a paper) till I'm done! Wahoooo. Wore this on one of my those days that I tried being a good student and spent the majority of the day in the library. Generally, I resist sporting certain pairings. Examples include crop tops and short bottoms, shades of unmatched whites, and black and dark brown. I can't tell you how many times I have cringed over seeing a girl in a pair of black leggings and cognac boots. We all have our hangups, but apparently I was able to momentarily overcome mine while getting dressed. For whatever reason, breaking up the black and brown with a pair of light cut-offs seemed acceptable-- or maybe the pandemonium of finals is getting to my head. A seemingly simple and quintessentially west coast (I can't imagine what weather on the east coast where wearing a sweater and shorts would be comfortable #thankyouhumidity) outfit made slightly less boring by the black and brown combo. Now back to making physics my bitch.

Because I felt as if I had not littered the web enough with my odd faces

optimal finals attire

sweatshirt: wildfox (last seen here), pants: h&m, shoes: asos, bag: cambridge satchel, hat: polo ralph lauren, nails: chanel peridot (dupes: OPI in just spotted the lizard, gap nail polish in Gold Rush)

I was going to say how comfort is the goal of finals week dressing, but that holds the implication that comfort usually isn't my main objective when getting dressed. Which is false. I always dress for comfort. My key to optimization of finals dressing? Stick to the most basic pairings. Again, I feel like that implies that I don't stick to the same few combinations. Anyways, black bottom + white top= simple as it gets. Voila, the trendy version of sweatpants + sweatshirts. While we're (I'm) talking about this, let's bring up the circular nature of trends. These faux linen pants are from the summer of '09, the era of "the harem." Super serious drop crotches were never (and never will be) part of of my wardrobe. These pants got much love while I was away on vacation, or at my cousins house, or really anywhere that nobody from school could see me (oh, high school.) And now this updated take on the harem pant is back, and I'm embracing it-- in public this time #wooconfidence.

P.S Awesome blogger gal Mariana, the voice behind Going Teen, asked me some questions for her blogger Q&A, go check it out here!!

I have superhuman powers. Mwuah-ha-ha.

inspired by: daisies and moschino

Amidst my last day of classes, a mix of review sessions, and multiple cups of coffee, my mind is one massive, jumbled mess. Nevertheless, this post has been chilling in my drafts for some time so it's its time to shine! Here are some of my picks from the moschino cheap and chic resort 2014 collection. I admit that my knowledge of all things fashion is minimal at best, and you won't really catch me spending a lot of my time looking at unattainably beautiful, designer pieces. But when I stumbled across a few pieces of this collection on tumblr, I couldn't help but look at it in its entirety. This resort collection isn't really some avant garde masterpiece, but rather an assortment of sharply cut pieces and fun prints. DAISIES. That's all I can say. I could definitely see myself wearing outfits inspired by these looks. Thoughts?

photos from


dress: urban outfitters, sweater: brandy melville, booties: h&m

Not sure how much weight this statement holds, since I claim that many items in my wardrobe are my "favorites," but this is truly my current favorite dress. Proof of that? I actually paid FULL PRICE for it over spring break, albiet I had a crap ton of store credit, and I have worn it countless times since. The babydoll shape is perfect for 1) comfort 2) twirling. Another additional awesome detail? The lace up back... which of course you can't see in this outfit. Next time!

Thanks for all the well wishes for finals! Officially done in a week from today ahh

surviving finals


striped dress, nars lipstick, floral cap, red converse, floppy hat, midi skirt, mmm rings (in place of a hopefully more affordable set from h&m), black sunglasses, brown sunglasses, light washed jeans, dark washed jeansred sandals, colorful sandals, neon blue polish

As the school year comes to a close and I'm wrapped up in the turmoil that is finals week-- materialistic items are a light at the end of a long dark, dark tunnel. I'm pretty good at waiting for things to go on sale for the most part, so hopefully I get to welcome some of these into my closet in the upcoming months.

P.S if you're looking to buy makeup, lord & taylor has 10% off now with the code FRIENDS.

And a beautiful "hello" from me to you #casualselfie
I get a little crazy this time of year
Jk I'm always crazy

wanting what you can't have

outfit 1: hat: H&M (last worn: here), eagle shirt: zara (last worn: here), boyfriend jeans: bdg from urban outfitters (last worn: here, buy them: here), cardigan: madewell,  shoes: asos (buy them: here), sunglasses: ray-ban aviators, bag: urban outfitters

outfit 2: sweater: h&m (last worn: here), shorts: levi's (last worn: here)

As the days get warmer, I find myself reaching for long pants and/ or long sleeves... items which I neglected to wear for most of winter. It's like now that I won't have the option of wearing them, I want to wear them. I know there are some people who don't think it makes any sense to wear long sleeves with shorts or jeans with tank tops, but I can't say I adhere to that school of thought. Specially in the mornings, when the temperature lurks in this sunny but cold with a little wind range.

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