urban outfitters sale + budgeting

bdg paint splattered boyfriend jeans (buy them here), 2 minkpink maxi dresses (buy them here), backpack: urban outfitters (buy it here)

If you didn't know, today is the last day of the urban outfitters 50% off sale (aka all the sale items are an extra 50% off.) Up above are all the items I bought, for a grand total of $50 (before tax!) I'd say that's pretty good.

For the most part, I usually don't bother trying on denim/ any sort of pants at stores like urban outfitters, zara, h&m etc. cause I know that they will fit awfully. For example, I realllly wanted these jeans, but the crotch on them was so long (hello, I do not have a penis.) I've been meaning to try out a pair of boyfriend jeans for some time, but dishing out a decent hunk of cash wasn't in the cards, since I'm not so sure how often I would wear them. But then I came across these at urban for $10, and what do you know-- they fit!! (Btw, they are full price online. But if you take them into the store after buying them online, they will price adjust them.) 

The next part of this post is kind of the beginning of becoming more budget conscious. Although I don't think I burn through ridiculous amounts of money, I can't say I'm the best at keeping track of what I spend over a month. Since my credit cycle just began on the 14th, I think now would be a good time to start becoming conscious of tracking my expenses.

$10 denim + $10 backpack + $15 dress + $15 dress = $50 + ~.09 tax= $54.90 so far for the month.

Kinda crazy, but this is my first backpack since the 5th grade #saywhat

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