same old

 straw cap: H&M men's, velvet tank: theory (last worn here), linen shorts: vince (last worn here, buy them here), button down: banana republic (last worn here), shoes: asos (buy them here), backpack: urban outfitters (buy it here), sunglasses: ray ban

Confession: I've worn these shorts 4/5 past days... probably because I adhere to the three color rule on a daily basis, and about 75% of the time black is one of said colors. I can't help it! Not sure if this means I'm incredibly boring and unstylish or just know what my aesthetic is? To be honest, I wouldn't even think anything of it if it weren't for blogging. Who wants to read a blog where the person wears the same thing every single freaking day? Nobody. But maybe I'm being overly self critical and only I take notice as a result of my narcissism (it comes with the blogging territory-- or so we can blame.)

While blogging may cause me to over think my daily dressings, (Ranch? Balsamic vinaigrette? Thousand island? Just your everyday comedian right here.) it is a nice breather from life. This was my first week since 2nd week that I haven't had an exam or paper! It's short lived with my upcoming physics midterm next week, but hey, that's college.

On a parting note, these shorts are my best friends... as are the bag and the cap. The men's section at H&M is a gold mine, I tell you. Why don't we throw in the tank and sandals to the best friends club while we're at it. #aintnobodyfresherthanmaclique. Happy Friday!

"if it's not dirty, I'm gonna wear it"

my upper arms never see the light of day 

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