sack lunch

t-shirt: gap men's (last worn: here), shorts: madewell (last worn:here), denim shirt: forever 21 (last worn: here), bag: zara, sunglasses: ray-ban, booties: enzo angiolini (the style is elysian)

A lot of the times, I tend to be late in jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to trends. Mostly cause I don't realllly like them when they first arrive on the scene, but after prolonged exposure it's like they chip away at my resistance until I finally cave. By the time I admitted to myself that the lunch bag concept was pretty cool, the only affordable options for me were DIY. My DIY skills begin and end with a pair of scissors. But then a few weeks ago, I saw this pop up on the zara site. Was unsure if I was going to keep it because the strap is kind of wimpy, but eh what the hell, guess it's here to stay.

My favorite H&M sunglasses broke :( I had foresaw this moment, but that didn't make me any less upset. Aviators were my go to glasses before these, but it's so annoying how they get caught in my hair when I shove them onto the top of my head. Guess I'm officially on the market for a new pair of plastic sunglasses.  Any suggestions?

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