I pizza NY

top: wildfox (buy it: here, or here--on sale), skirt: aqua for bloomingdale's, shoes: asos (buy it: here-- on sale), bag: urban outfitters 

The Phillim Lim I Love Nueva York shirts are such a cool take on the classic tourist emblem, yet like everything else that Phillip Lim makes... they aren't anywhere in the ballpark of my budget. But then I saw this Wildfox top on sale at bloomingdale's and I just had to get it! East side rep-re-sent. Although, as a Jersey girl, my home state's pizza will always be #1. NY is definitely close behind. Really, anything is better than LA "pizza" (also, bagels... just no.) If you see an "NYC pizzeria" over here, don't be fooled!! It isn't the real thing! Off my side tangent, this top is super soft and I'm not gonna lie, I've got some label love for wildfox... not that I've owned anything of theirs before. But their lookbooks are so pretty and definitely an effective marketing move. While buying this shirt, it was kind of awkward when the sales girl asked me "Are you sure you want to buy this? It has holes in it..." and I had to show her the tag on the shirt that reads "I'm one of a kind, my fades, rips, and imperfections are all different...blah blah blah" (Bob Loblaw's Law?)

Alssooooo, I can't be the only one who pronounces pizza like... "pissaaa" ever since watching this SNL skit.

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