hater muscle tank: forever 21, skirt: h&m (last worn: here), jacket: lf stores (last worn: here), shoes: converse, sunglasses: ray-ban

Ummm so I might have gotten a little carried away with photoshop... as you might have been able to tell. Looking a little more awkward than usual because I forgot my remote, and had to run like a headless chicken due my reliance on the self timer. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT?! Not only is manually focusing a time killer, but I had a ridiculous amount of photos to sort through.

This tank top is kind of like my new favorite thing in my closet. It's nothing fancy but it is incredibly sassy. Plus it kind of reminds me of the Brian Lichtenberg homies shirt. In defense of the imtoocooltoactuallywearmycoat pose up above, I was actually too hot to wear it outside. But it's pretty freezing in the mornings so fret not, it was worn like a normal person earlier in the day. After taking 39234234 self timer photos, it was just easier this way.

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