happy humpday

An aggregate post formed by the clumping of a bunch of bb posts. 
I have a midterm tomorrow, but I still wanted to post cause I'm a procrastinator like that

Instagrammed Outfits:
Because I don't always have time for proper photos, but I might actually still like whatever I threw on. In addition, I decided to start putting in "also worn here." One of the reasons I love Atlantic-Pacific is her ability to wear the same pieces differently-- and linking it back so that someone can easily see all the looks. While I don't have her versatility skillz, I'm still borrowing the idea ;) My instagram account is: @sharmtoaster.

 beanie: american apparel, plaid shirt: nautica men's (also worn: here, here, here, & here), red jacket: h&m (also worn: here),  jeans with DIY rips: hudson, booties + sunglasses: h&m
Can't see myself wearing red pants or a red suit any time soon, but I am a fan of a monochromatic look in red. So this was my own kind of more casual, toned down version of the trend. Also, who would have known I would get soooo much wear from this shirt? Thank you, father's closet.

jacket (also worn: here) + skort (also worn: here): zara, t-shirt: cheap monday, sunglasses: h&m
Day 1 of the skort last week. A more polished look than the one previously posted.

Beauty product favorite
So much love for this liquid eye liner, seriously guys. I think I'm going to do a new beauty favorites post soon, since I have amassed a slew of new products over the past month. But in case I don't, I totally need to get the word out here on this liner. It should be noted: my eye liner application skills are absolute shit.  But this liner makes it oh so easy to apply. Actually.
Buy it herehere, or here

Now playing
Small selection of songs currently on repeat. If you haven't seen the music video for OK GO's song, go watch it now. You won't be disappointed, I promise :)

Splurge List
This is really only composed of one item: the Canon 5d Mark iii. Camera of my dreams. Infinite drools. I've been wanting to get a new camera for a while, but obviously that requires some sort of cash flow. While my camera has been faithful to me, it hasn't been focusing very well lately. But at the moment, it will have to do and the mark iii will simply remain a dream.
Arrested Development Update
This post is actually the most scatterbrained thing on the blog yet. But I can't help it. A photo from the Arrested Development season 4 premier in LA!! Words cannot explain how happy I am. The new season is on netflix starting May 26th. I'm obsessed with Alie Shawkat's (Maeby) shoes. Also: John Krasinski aka Jim Halpert. Yes, please.

image via facebook

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