grainy grunge

dress worn as skirt: urban outfitters (last worn here), t-shirt: zara (can't find it online, but it is recent from stores), cardigan around waist: gap (last worn here), beanie: american apparel (last worn here, buy it here, aviators: ray-ban, sandals (with socks #coolkidstylings): asos (buy it here)

If we're being honest here, the socks were worn more for practical purposes rather than to make a fashion statement. I tend to have a difficult time breaking in most shoes, and these were no exception. After wearing them for 3 days straight, blisters were formed and socks were worn in an effort to minimize pain (it was a pretty effective solution, btw.) Excuse the grainy pictures, it was basically dusk and hence the ISO shot up on these photos.

Wearing some sort of cardigan/ button down has sort of become my new go to thing. With the current weather, it's an easy way to quickly layer up if needed. As cool as street style stars look with jackets draped around their shoulders, it isn't a practical look for walking, or carrying a bag, or anything really (also, my shoulders are too broad #manproblems.)

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