skirt: free people (last worn here, more free people skirts here), tank top: theory (last worn here), sun-glasses: ray-ban, jacket: h&m (last worn here, and here), shoes: asos (buy them  here)

Did you see what I did in the title? Am I not so incredibly clever? These shoes are pretty similar to the zara ones I posted about earlier, which were the biggest disappointment of my life (jk...but really.) They went up on a 24hr 50% off flash sale about a week and a half ago on asos, so as a reward for taking my physics midterm, I bought them. My constant need for short term rewards is probably definitely not a beneficial need to possess (side note: that was phrased super awkwardly  but idk how to make it more au naturale. Do periods go inside or outside parentheses? Argh, grammar!) But usually said rewards include eating some sort of dessert or watching an episode of TV, so my wallet doesn't get hurt that much. 

As to the look, I was concerned it was too similar to my first outfit in the jacket. I contemplated wearing a navy pea coat or light tan coat to "switch things up", but decided to screw it and sprung for the red jacket since I liked it the best. Why does it matter if the look is similar-- if you think it's the one styled the best? There's no point in wearing something just to prove that you know how to wear it x many ways. While it is great to maximize the wear of an article of clothing, forcing it is unnecessary. How comfortable can it be to wear a dress under a button down under a sweater under a coat just to look so fashun? Let's just say my arm fat would be begging to break free. If it works for you A+, if it doesn't, then comfort zones exist for a reason. Sometimes I get caught up and need to remind myself that wearing clothes isn't for the sole point of taking pictures of myself and putting them on a blog.

P.S How annoying is it when you can't seem to match the white balance/ tones/ whatever it's called for photos that are all supposed to be grouped together? Gr

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