frapp frapp

sweater: h&m (last worn: here), skort: zara (last worn: here), striped cardigan: madewell (last worn: here), sunglasses: forever 21, shoes: converse

If you didn't know, Starbucks is having half off frappuccinos from 3-5 till the 12th. Let's just say I've been hitting it up on the daily. Even though my drink of choice is a latte, and I haven't had a frappuccino since like the 8th grade-- I can't resist the deal. Even if it's a savings of a mere $2, the marketing tactic is still effective on me. Funny how that works? Shockingly, I didn't spill any on my white skort :O It's a pretty big accomplishment for a klutz like me.

As much as I love the white monochromatic trend that's hit the internet, I think this is as about as close to an all white look as I'll get. My dreams were shattered when I realized that matching whites was 10x harder than matching blacks. Or maybe I'm just too nit-picky. 

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