hater muscle tank: forever 21, skirt: h&m (last worn: here), jacket: lf stores (last worn: here), shoes: converse, sunglasses: ray-ban

Ummm so I might have gotten a little carried away with photoshop... as you might have been able to tell. Looking a little more awkward than usual because I forgot my remote, and had to run like a headless chicken due my reliance on the self timer. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT?! Not only is manually focusing a time killer, but I had a ridiculous amount of photos to sort through.

This tank top is kind of like my new favorite thing in my closet. It's nothing fancy but it is incredibly sassy. Plus it kind of reminds me of the Brian Lichtenberg homies shirt. In defense of the imtoocooltoactuallywearmycoat pose up above, I was actually too hot to wear it outside. But it's pretty freezing in the mornings so fret not, it was worn like a normal person earlier in the day. After taking 39234234 self timer photos, it was just easier this way.

I pizza NY

top: wildfox (buy it: here, or here--on sale), skirt: aqua for bloomingdale's, shoes: asos (buy it: here-- on sale), bag: urban outfitters 

The Phillim Lim I Love Nueva York shirts are such a cool take on the classic tourist emblem, yet like everything else that Phillip Lim makes... they aren't anywhere in the ballpark of my budget. But then I saw this Wildfox top on sale at bloomingdale's and I just had to get it! East side rep-re-sent. Although, as a Jersey girl, my home state's pizza will always be #1. NY is definitely close behind. Really, anything is better than LA "pizza" (also, bagels... just no.) If you see an "NYC pizzeria" over here, don't be fooled!! It isn't the real thing! Off my side tangent, this top is super soft and I'm not gonna lie, I've got some label love for wildfox... not that I've owned anything of theirs before. But their lookbooks are so pretty and definitely an effective marketing move. While buying this shirt, it was kind of awkward when the sales girl asked me "Are you sure you want to buy this? It has holes in it..." and I had to show her the tag on the shirt that reads "I'm one of a kind, my fades, rips, and imperfections are all different...blah blah blah" (Bob Loblaw's Law?)

Alssooooo, I can't be the only one who pronounces pizza like... "pissaaa" ever since watching this SNL skit.


 t-shirt: james perse men's (last worn: here) (buy it: here), shorts: j brand (last worn: here), coat: comptoir des cotonniers, shoes: steve madden

Sometimes, you don't feel like wearing pants (or make it look so.) Sometimes, you forget to iron your laundry. Sometimes, you need to spend the whole day in the library. Sometimes, you forget to eat lunch and feel like you're dying at 5 pm due to stomach pains. Sometimes, a random homeless man comes up right behind you and invades your personal space by waving his hands in your face while screaming obscenities. Sometimes, you just have bad days. Life goes on. 

collegiate league

 cap: H&M men's (last worn here), sweatshirt: russel athletics (buy it here), skort: zara (last worn here, buy it here, cheaper choies version here, even cheaper sheinside version here), sneakers: superga (buy it here), lipstick: nars satin lip pencil in majella (buy it here)

Posting this after binge watching all of season 4 of arrested development yesterday... there were some laughs, but sadly it was not on par to the first three seasons. Of course, it was still arrested development so it was still ace in comparison to much of what's on television these days. I think the main thing that irked me is how they kept showing the same thing but from different character's point of view... I don't know, the flow just wasn't the same. Also, what was with all the celeb inserts??

Okay, back to relevant blog stuff. Closing out my sophomore year of college, and my closet lacked a classic collegiate sweatshirt. While I do have apparel to rep my school, can't say much of it gets worn besides for pajamas or the once in a blue moon workout. But as the bookstore was having a sale this past week, I decided it was the perfect time to fill this gap.  Oversized (albeit, a bit too boxy for my tastes but I'll deal) and soft, I see why many students live their 4 years in such pieces.

Then paired with the beloved (or overrated, depends who you ask) zara skort to make me feel slightly less like a bum. If you're looking for a more affordable version, choies has made a dead on look a likeas did sheinside. Decided to try out this new lip pencil + lipstick in one that I bought, and can I just say, new favorite makeup product-- well tied with the liquid liner I mentioned recently. It's very moisturizing when you put it on, a plus for my very dry lips, but to the point where I was wary of moving my lips around in fear that I would look like I came from a blood thirsty rampage. But after it set, the color really holds. I ate a donut and drank some chocolate milk (breakfast of champions) only to be pleasantly surprised that it had stayed put! For a proper review and complete swatches, check out this blogger's post.

same old

 straw cap: H&M men's, velvet tank: theory (last worn here), linen shorts: vince (last worn here, buy them here), button down: banana republic (last worn here), shoes: asos (buy them here), backpack: urban outfitters (buy it here), sunglasses: ray ban

Confession: I've worn these shorts 4/5 past days... probably because I adhere to the three color rule on a daily basis, and about 75% of the time black is one of said colors. I can't help it! Not sure if this means I'm incredibly boring and unstylish or just know what my aesthetic is? To be honest, I wouldn't even think anything of it if it weren't for blogging. Who wants to read a blog where the person wears the same thing every single freaking day? Nobody. But maybe I'm being overly self critical and only I take notice as a result of my narcissism (it comes with the blogging territory-- or so we can blame.)

While blogging may cause me to over think my daily dressings, (Ranch? Balsamic vinaigrette? Thousand island? Just your everyday comedian right here.) it is a nice breather from life. This was my first week since 2nd week that I haven't had an exam or paper! It's short lived with my upcoming physics midterm next week, but hey, that's college.

On a parting note, these shorts are my best friends... as are the bag and the cap. The men's section at H&M is a gold mine, I tell you. Why don't we throw in the tank and sandals to the best friends club while we're at it. #aintnobodyfresherthanmaclique. Happy Friday!

"if it's not dirty, I'm gonna wear it"

my upper arms never see the light of day 

paint splatters and sequins

denim: bdg via urban outfitters (buy it here), sequin t-shirt: madewell, white button down: banana republic (last worn here), shoes: steve madden (last worn here), backpack: urban outfitters (buy it here)

Because I am the size of a smurf short, the rips on these jeans needed to be a bit extended. Let's just say I went a little crazy with my razor blade. And with the ripped paint splattered jeans, some sequins? Who would have thought these would work together (at least I think so.) Go big or go home.

bdg denim and steve madden paiigge

steve madden paiigge

bdg denim

grainy grunge

dress worn as skirt: urban outfitters (last worn here), t-shirt: zara (can't find it online, but it is recent from stores), cardigan around waist: gap (last worn here), beanie: american apparel (last worn here, buy it here, aviators: ray-ban, sandals (with socks #coolkidstylings): asos (buy it here)

If we're being honest here, the socks were worn more for practical purposes rather than to make a fashion statement. I tend to have a difficult time breaking in most shoes, and these were no exception. After wearing them for 3 days straight, blisters were formed and socks were worn in an effort to minimize pain (it was a pretty effective solution, btw.) Excuse the grainy pictures, it was basically dusk and hence the ISO shot up on these photos.

Wearing some sort of cardigan/ button down has sort of become my new go to thing. With the current weather, it's an easy way to quickly layer up if needed. As cool as street style stars look with jackets draped around their shoulders, it isn't a practical look for walking, or carrying a bag, or anything really (also, my shoulders are too broad #manproblems.)

urban outfitters sale + budgeting

bdg paint splattered boyfriend jeans (buy them here), 2 minkpink maxi dresses (buy them here), backpack: urban outfitters (buy it here)

If you didn't know, today is the last day of the urban outfitters 50% off sale (aka all the sale items are an extra 50% off.) Up above are all the items I bought, for a grand total of $50 (before tax!) I'd say that's pretty good.

For the most part, I usually don't bother trying on denim/ any sort of pants at stores like urban outfitters, zara, h&m etc. cause I know that they will fit awfully. For example, I realllly wanted these jeans, but the crotch on them was so long (hello, I do not have a penis.) I've been meaning to try out a pair of boyfriend jeans for some time, but dishing out a decent hunk of cash wasn't in the cards, since I'm not so sure how often I would wear them. But then I came across these at urban for $10, and what do you know-- they fit!! (Btw, they are full price online. But if you take them into the store after buying them online, they will price adjust them.) 

The next part of this post is kind of the beginning of becoming more budget conscious. Although I don't think I burn through ridiculous amounts of money, I can't say I'm the best at keeping track of what I spend over a month. Since my credit cycle just began on the 14th, I think now would be a good time to start becoming conscious of tracking my expenses.

$10 denim + $10 backpack + $15 dress + $15 dress = $50 + ~.09 tax= $54.90 so far for the month.

Kinda crazy, but this is my first backpack since the 5th grade #saywhat


skirt: free people (last worn here, more free people skirts here), tank top: theory (last worn here), sun-glasses: ray-ban, jacket: h&m (last worn here, and here), shoes: asos (buy them  here)

Did you see what I did in the title? Am I not so incredibly clever? These shoes are pretty similar to the zara ones I posted about earlier, which were the biggest disappointment of my life (jk...but really.) They went up on a 24hr 50% off flash sale about a week and a half ago on asos, so as a reward for taking my physics midterm, I bought them. My constant need for short term rewards is probably definitely not a beneficial need to possess (side note: that was phrased super awkwardly  but idk how to make it more au naturale. Do periods go inside or outside parentheses? Argh, grammar!) But usually said rewards include eating some sort of dessert or watching an episode of TV, so my wallet doesn't get hurt that much. 

As to the look, I was concerned it was too similar to my first outfit in the jacket. I contemplated wearing a navy pea coat or light tan coat to "switch things up", but decided to screw it and sprung for the red jacket since I liked it the best. Why does it matter if the look is similar-- if you think it's the one styled the best? There's no point in wearing something just to prove that you know how to wear it x many ways. While it is great to maximize the wear of an article of clothing, forcing it is unnecessary. How comfortable can it be to wear a dress under a button down under a sweater under a coat just to look so fashun? Let's just say my arm fat would be begging to break free. If it works for you A+, if it doesn't, then comfort zones exist for a reason. Sometimes I get caught up and need to remind myself that wearing clothes isn't for the sole point of taking pictures of myself and putting them on a blog.

P.S How annoying is it when you can't seem to match the white balance/ tones/ whatever it's called for photos that are all supposed to be grouped together? Gr

sack lunch

t-shirt: gap men's (last worn: here), shorts: madewell (last worn:here), denim shirt: forever 21 (last worn: here), bag: zara, sunglasses: ray-ban, booties: enzo angiolini (the style is elysian)

A lot of the times, I tend to be late in jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to trends. Mostly cause I don't realllly like them when they first arrive on the scene, but after prolonged exposure it's like they chip away at my resistance until I finally cave. By the time I admitted to myself that the lunch bag concept was pretty cool, the only affordable options for me were DIY. My DIY skills begin and end with a pair of scissors. But then a few weeks ago, I saw this pop up on the zara site. Was unsure if I was going to keep it because the strap is kind of wimpy, but eh what the hell, guess it's here to stay.

My favorite H&M sunglasses broke :( I had foresaw this moment, but that didn't make me any less upset. Aviators were my go to glasses before these, but it's so annoying how they get caught in my hair when I shove them onto the top of my head. Guess I'm officially on the market for a new pair of plastic sunglasses.  Any suggestions?


I interupt the usual programming of beautiful pictures of myself (pray you realize the sarcasm behind that statement) to bring you the official Arrested Development Season 4 trailer. TOOOOTTTALLY fan-girling right now. Buster's new hook? George Michael in college? The Michael Bluth company? 

(P.S if you didn't know my blog is named after Maeby Fünke, so really, this does have some relevance)

p.s hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day!

black crow

sunglasses + dress: h&m, bag: urban outfitters

Yet another black dress/ black and white outfit. I just can't help it. Some post library Friday afternoon shots. It's always the photos you look the worst that are in focus, and the ones in which you look semi -normal are not. Or maybe it's just me. Or my camera. I hate my camera. Happy weekend!

transitional dressing

straw hat + sunglasses: h&m, sweater +booties: zara, jeans: seven for all mankind, rings: asos

As someone who grew up on the east coast, my 17 year old self is scoffing at this upcoming statement: it was 67 degrees today, aka chilly enough to warrant wearing a sweater and jeans. My inner Los Angeleno is breaking free. But rather than complain about the "low" temperatures, I've really been enjoying the weather as of late. It's the perfect mix of sun, warmth, and wind, leaving you to wear whatever you want. Not quite winter but not quite summer-- some true spring weather. I've realized I talk about the weather a LOT. But then again it does dictate what I'm wearing so it does hold some relevance. All this weather talk triggers two thoughts: 1) socially awkward situations where you're like "sooo the weather..." in hopes of conversing 2) Inspector Clouseau securing the area

Hey hey, new hat! Actually one of two new hats from H&M. Accessorizing isn't one of my fortes, probably because I'm always in a rush to get to class in the AM. (Speaking of which, guess who was the genius who woke up early for an 8 AM lab, and walked halfway there only to remember there was no lab this week? This girl.) I guess beanies and sunglasses are technically accessories, but I wear them more for functionality to hide my matted hair and protect my eyes, their trendiness is a sort of plus. Major arm parties, layered on statement necklaces, and embellished cat eye "sunnies" are cool and all, but I think my usual look is somewhat simpler than that. Straw hat + a pack of minimalistic gold rings under $15, made cool by Balenciaga of course, sound pretty basic and feasible in comparison. A summer hat has been on my wish list for some time, but due to the shape or size of my head or ears, nothing fits me! Finally, an H&M location that had had hats in size large-- hallelujah! (If you have similar hat problems and live in LA, the store is century city.) This is the style btw, but you can't buy it online in the US :( Mine seems to have somehow turned downward in the front, but I actually like it more that way. In addition to the purposes previously stated, the hat + sunglasses combo effectively hides bad skin for no makeup days. Huzzah!

BUSTER BLUTH. Scary how applicable this is to myself.

frapp frapp

sweater: h&m (last worn: here), skort: zara (last worn: here), striped cardigan: madewell (last worn: here), sunglasses: forever 21, shoes: converse

If you didn't know, Starbucks is having half off frappuccinos from 3-5 till the 12th. Let's just say I've been hitting it up on the daily. Even though my drink of choice is a latte, and I haven't had a frappuccino since like the 8th grade-- I can't resist the deal. Even if it's a savings of a mere $2, the marketing tactic is still effective on me. Funny how that works? Shockingly, I didn't spill any on my white skort :O It's a pretty big accomplishment for a klutz like me.

As much as I love the white monochromatic trend that's hit the internet, I think this is as about as close to an all white look as I'll get. My dreams were shattered when I realized that matching whites was 10x harder than matching blacks. Or maybe I'm just too nit-picky. 

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