your mom

crop top + skirt + socks+ sunglasses: h&m, jacket + tattoos: urban outfitters, booties: zara, ring: asos, id bracelet: marc by marc jacobs, beanie: american apparel

Happy beginning of the week! The jacket was a little bit of an impulse buy. Cheetah print is really not my thing, but I'm a sucker for the military/ surplus trend-- so I took the jump. Not sure what this skirt has been doing hiding in my closet for the last month. It was one of those love at first sight kinda things, so needless to say, it will be worn more. Also, how badass is my (temporary) tattoo. They're giving them away when you make a purchase at urban outfitters. I have the maturity of a 14 year old boy... or Natalie Tran.

My new tattoo a la Instagram 

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