walking billboard

sweatshirt: vintage from my dad's closet, skirt: mango, shoes: h&m

Another grumpy day, but today let's blame it on the hormones this time. What's better for days when you feel like fatty magoo? A sweatshirt. Even if it's one that turns you into a walking billboard. I'll just say I'm going along with the whole sporty varsity trend. Then paired with my go to item-- a black skirt. While there are numerous articles on what wardrobe staples are, I think at the end of the day it's up to an individual. If I had to include one and only one item to this list, it would be a black skirt. They come in such a great variety of cuts and lengths and shapes. They're the easiest piece to style, even with a sweatshirt. My own closet shows a lot of love to black skirts, so on a day that I'm feeling under the weather (like today), it's the perfect no worry piece I reach for.

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