navy dress: soft joie, open knit sweater: ck jeans, shoes: nine west, sunglasses: h&m

Some quick snaps while I went to go buy a new laptop charger from the apple store. It's a little ludicrous how much they cost-- close to $90?! Now that I am again fully equipped for blogging, I feel like I've really been neglecting it recently. Partly I guess cause life's just kinda got my down as of late. I stress out about getting things done, and stressing out does not lead to productivity in my case. Long to do lists are made and things are not checked off, and my whole mojo is just off. Sorry I've been such a downer lately, but the whole point of this little depressing rant was to say thank you! Whenever I've pointed out my less than pleasant mood, kind people respond with comforting words. So thanks for pulling me out of my slump little by little :)

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