the real history behind hats

shorts: free people, plaid shirt: nautica (stolen from dad), shirt: star wars, cap: yankees

I had a personal battle with myself (yes, I am a drama queen) as to whether I should upload this look or not. The photo in my dorm room, which is always currently very clustered isn't exactly the most scenic photo location. But then again... it could be worse. And does it really matter? I mean, this isn't a professional blog by any means so who really cares? But then again, having a standard for myself isn't a bad thing. Clearly in the end, I just posted it. Which you know, since you are looking at it on the internet. I mean, despite the circumstances I actually liked what I wore. This outfit is the culmination of waking up before 7AM and having the most awful hair day ever. To top things off, my first class was a 2 hours physics lab-- fun (actually it wasn't bad at all but 7am grouch monster me did not know that.) I was on the verge of caving and dressing like a bum, but then this was whipped out.

 Back to the point of the post: the hat.

The hat, or in this case, the baseball cap-- so trendy, so current. But let's be real, the original purpose of the hat is not to be oh so cool, but to cover up your grimy, horrible hair. Okay, the second purpose, first being to defend your face from the sun. But think about it, why do you think people from colonial time wore monstrous headpieces, or bonnets? To cover up their dirty hair because the personal hygiene of the times sucked. Majorly. At least this is what I would like to believe to help me feel better about my hair situation. (I have since showered-- yay fresh hair!!)

I never thought I could wear the whole 90s badass with the plaid tied look, cause of my hips. But with these high waisted shorts, I tied it around my belly button instead of my hips and it solved that problem. It seems sort of obvious at this point, but I thought I would share it in case anyone out there was as clueless as me. This is becoming a text heavy post. Whoops. So on a parting note, the only article of clothing in this look not from the men's department is the shorts...

Since I am wearing a yankees cap, ya know NY, I thought I would throw in these Laduree shots from when I was there over break

I must admit, that I was not that impressed by Laduree. People rave on and on about it, but for the price it was just meh. It was good, but my taste buds just weren't blown away like I expected. Guess I'm just a cupcake girl, sorry (but not really) I can't keep up with the dessert trends. Also, the people working there made me feel so uncomfortable. They were so... uppity. Which isn't justifiable in any context, but I would say their customer base isn't solely based on super wealthy upperclass society type people. It's a tourist place. People of all sorts of backgrounds are going to be getting their macaroons, it wouldn't hurt to be slightly more welcoming customer service wise. Sorry for the mini rant but I had to get it out.

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