John Bender tribute

blue top: american apparel, white skort: zara, plaid shirt: nautica men's, bag: cambridge satchel, aviators: ray-ban

Lo and behold-- the white zara piece of the season. I can't count the number of times I've seen this white skort make an appearance online. You would think that seeing this skirt, sorry, skort over and over again would make me sick of it. Negative, the opposite really. Every time I laid my eyes on it, my infatuation heightened. I finally took the jump into the relationship, and couldn't be happier. As the days go by, aka one week, my love grows. Soon, we'll get married and live happily ever after in our magical castle in a land far, far away. The end!

But seriously, this skort. For it's debut on the blog, I wanted to style it in a way I personally hadn't seen before. The most common look I've seen is all white, which I will definitely be embracing someday soon, but today I embraced a more 80s like look. Earlier on the blog, I did a whole spiel on how I can't get myself to purchase full price items-- but this is the exception. It's funny when I think about it. I could buy a skirt or dress for $30, $40, and not be too bothered. I wouldn't drive myself to maximize its wear and search for cheaper alternatives before I made the purchase. But once we hit $50, oh man. I mean, you're halfway to $100!! On the other hand, I've already worn this skirt twice in a week, and have like half a dozen other outfits planned in my head with it. I have a ton of skirts and clothes in general that I've purchased at more reasonable prices-- and they see the light of day maybe once or twice, or if even at all. Basically, the end of all of this is, I'm happy with this splurge. The John Bender tribute was meant to be in reference to the plaid, but I think this quote fits my sentiments. (spending moolah is as bad as I get #badassoverhere #watchout)

"Bein' bad feels pretty good, huh"

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