flower power

fisherman beanie + sweater: american apparel, shorts: madewell

Man oh man, I feel like I haven't taken outfit photos in forever. In reality... it has been like one day short of a week. Since it's the beginning of a new quarter (yeahhh quarter system reppin), I'm trying to be a good student and keep up with work instead of cramming around exams. So this will translate to less time spent on the internet... hopefully. 

As you can see, I went a little crazy with the b&w photo of flowers. I wish I could have some sort of skirt or shorts, or anything with it. Or years of watching project runway has gotten to my head...

Also, I promise I don't wear a beanie every single day! But I had partially blow dried my hair to run to class and was stuck with a... fluffy, wispy mess :(

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