shoes: sperry topsider bahamas, jeans: citizens of humanity avedon slick, denim shirt: forever 21, jacket: zara, bracelets: bloomingdale's + bcbgeneration, beanie: american apparel fisherman

Having my photo taken is one of my many weaknesses (obviously in the grand scheme of life, it's really no big deal.) As a child, about 50% of the time I was not normally smiling in photos. As you can see, this is something that has not changed. Sooo, you're a person whose awkwardness gets exemplified 10x by the camera, having a blog of photos of yourself seems like a reallly good idea (sense the sarcasm.) So instead of the usual trying to be like a blogger poses, here are more of my... natural reactions. The one above? I would call it some sort of cyclops, or maybe the winking while growling hunchback?

I'm back in LA now, but I took these photos yesterday-- aka my last day in Jersey. As you can see, I am NOT donning a winter coat (hallelujah) cause it almost hit 60 degrees. While I switched my heavy coat for something lighter, there were a handful of girls sporting some denim cut offs and/ or flip-flop?! What?! Oh, east coast, you can be so silly sometimes. (I say this as if I didn't try to convince my mom to let me do the same thing in middle school...)

update: apparently I'm not the only one who makes silly faces 

THESE SHOES ARE SO BLISTER CITY. I can't even. There is a reason I never ever wear them. 

I don't even know what my face is.

And behold, the traditional try hard faces that I usually sport

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