smells like teen spirit

varsity jacket: borrowed from little brother, plaid top: nautica borrowed from father, shorts: citizens of humanity, comfiest black tights ever: hue, shoes: zara

Officially on spring break and back east (I feel like Nick Carraway whenever I talk about "going back east")!! I literally packed and got ready to leave for the airport in a total of 20 minutes. I'm usually a chronic over-packer, but all I brought clothing wise with me this time were some beanies, 2 black bottoms, this pair of shorts, and what I wore to the airport. I've been realllly loving guys clothes so this was the perfect opportunity to borrow some from the fam. 

I feel like time and time again, I say how I used to absolutely hate certain pairings and now, have kind of given in. Red + green were always too christmas-y for me, and denim shorts + tights were a no-no. I think it's safe to say my change of heart and openness to trying things can be thanked to the blogosphere.

Ended up wearing converse cause these shoes are the biggest disappointment. I loved them in the zara lookbook shots, but in person, they just don't hold up. The fake leather is super cheapo, and the zipper is a bitch. Loved the idea of them, but sadly they are going back :(

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