polaroid poser

beanie: american apparel, top: collective concepts, skirt: h&m, nails: deborah lippmann's billionaire, lips: chanel rouge coco in gabrielle 

Honesty hour: I have no idea how to use the polaroid camera. I bought it over the summer with the intention of figuring it out, but the ridiculously high price of film ($25 film for a camera that cost me less than $5) offset my interest. I guess for now it will continue to be a trinket in my room. Maybe it will be called to duty next summer? Ah summer, the thing that will be on my mind from this point forward since my break is officially over :( On the plus side, I will be reunited with warm weather and my closet! This skirt and beanie (& its grey twin) have been on constant rotation.

Can't say I am much of a lipstick person, since putting foundation and concealer on is enough of a hassle. But I looooove this color. The lipstick in itself is extremely moisturizing  but I must say I prefer the formula of Nars. It isn't as moisturizing, but the trade off is that it stays on way better. But maybe that's because I just smeared this on, not bothering with lipliner or primer or any of that stuff. Next time.

OH since I am talking about makeup, thebalm.com will be having 50% off their site tomorrow only! I recently heard about this brand, and I must say I have only really heard positive reviews. I have one of their matte shadows, and it works like a charm.

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