jumbled favorites

sweater: 525 America, denim shirt: urban outfitters, linen shorts: vince, sneakers: converse

The outfit of champions a college student with an 8 AM exam. Wearing my favorite sneakers, with my most worn sweater, most worn denim shirt, and current favorite pair of shorts. I've actually worn these shorts at least once a week for the past month or so. They're so versatile and comfortable. The only complaint I can voice is that they wrinkle very easily cause they're linen, but the dark color helps mask that. 

I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my post on my thoughts on trends in the blogosphere! I think the comment that resonanted the most truth to me was by Maria when she said "I always ask myself, if someone asked me why I bought this, would I be able to honestly answer "because I like it" or would I be thinking about all the bloggers I saw wearing it and how I just wanted to join in?"

Similarly, I read an article on Refinery29 this weekend on an interview with a blogger who is new to me, Peony Lim. Her words:

"So, I think when street style really took off a couple of years ago, there was a tendency to feel as if you had to dress crazy. It had to be all jumbled prints and textures. That's not really my style. I think the hardest thing through that period — when that was what everyone wanted — was to stay true to yourself." (read the article here)

If there's anything I've learned from watching a multitude of seasons of Project Runway, it's that you have to stay true to your own aesthetic. In the words of Time Gunn, "make it work, people."

edit: I am not wearing the sweater terribly lopsided (I admit it is a bit lopsided), but I just tend to stand with my body weight on my left foot, so I look even more uneven! 

nail polish essie butter london
Tri-accent inspired by youtube vlogger @leighannsays!
Yellow: butter london's cheeky chops
Blue: butter london's artful dodger
Darker blue (on accent): butter london's bluey
Goldish glitter (on accent): essie's beyond cozy

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